Sūmér Website Copywriters Create Niche Market Messaging for CloudFuel

Our website copywriters recently completed a challenging website copy project for CloudFuel, a company that uses cost-saving technology to manage petroleum logistics in real time.

The scope of work included creating optimized website copy that not only increased conversions, outlined benefits, and answered questions from prospects, but that also spoke to the niche market in a way that rose above competitors.

The main obstacle was to engineer niche market messaging for downstream fuel marketers who were accustomed to outdated petroleum logistics software.

CloudFuel enlisted the help of the Sūmér website copywriters in an effort to establish their expertise not only as technology experts, but also as efficiency consultants who understood how to grow profits, eliminate excess costs, and streamline operations.

To help CloudFuel speak to an existing niche market who remained unfamiliar with a new solution in their industry, our professional copywriting team:

  • Met frequently with the CloudFuel team to discuss the unique pain points of their niche market.
  • Discussed strategies to outline benefits in website copy that would compellingly explain why a more efficient system would save CloudFuel’s prospects time and money.
  • Outlined a website map conducive to navigation, user experience, SEO, and impactful messaging.
  • Designed story-based website copy that set CloudFuel apart from established competitors.
  • Wrote a brand-new website message for a niche market who has expensive and time-consuming problems with their current petroleum logistics platform.

Our work is not yet finished! As we continue our ongoing niche marketing for CloudFuel, our professional copywriters will develop and create marketing email sequences that nurture new customers and generate new leads.

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