Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools

  If you’re running your business and creating marketing content without using the following resources, here’s a public service announcement… Stop what you’re doing and keep reading to see how you can use these digital marketing resources to increase your conversion rate, streamline email marketing, and grow online. Infusionsoft Ah, the granddaddy ...Read More

2 Crucial Elements Missing from Your Product Descriptions

  When it comes to product descriptions, many in the eCommerce space rely on sleek images and web design to do the selling. The thinking process goes something like this: “The images say everything, so the marketing copy comes last and really isn’t that important.” Call it a professional bias, but placing ...Read More

Marketing Cheat Sheet: Test Your Video Sales Letter

    If you’ve written a video sales letter—or you’re thinking about it—wouldn’t it be a dream-come-true if you knew whether or not it would convert? If you had a crystal ball that revealed the future success of your video sales letter, you’d save time, money, energy, and heartache. Unfortunately, crystal balls ...Read More

Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies

  When you have proven email marketing strategies at the ready, your nurture sequences, automated marketing, and CRM become equal parts seamless and successful. Since we love you, dear reader, we’ve compiled our top 10 email marketing strategies that will dramatically improve your communication, nurturing, and sales. Use the following techniques to ...Read More

The One Thing That Creates Low Online Sales

    When we talk with business professionals who have an awesome product with low online sales, we often hear the following… “I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work…” “I’ve driven traffic with targeted Facebook ads and I’m still not seeing the conversions.” “I’ve added new services based on the needs ...Read More

6 Pillars That Create Optimal Sales Page Performance

  When it comes to optimal sales page performance, there are 6 make-or-break characteristics that significantly increase your conversion rate. These pillars are: Emotions. Logic. Story. Takeaways. Rollout Proof. Mix together these ingredients, and you get a compelling sales page that turns browsers into buyers. Leave one or more of these pillars ...Read More

The Connection between Content Marketing and PR

  Almost all businesses engage in some form of content marketing and PR, but most companies fail to see the connection between the two. To see the most effective results for your marketing efforts, it’s essential that you appreciate how PR and content marketing can complement one another. Only then will your ...Read More

How to Attract and Engage New Prospects

    There is no shortage of expert advice on how to re-engage lukewarm prospects and existing customers. But what about marketing strategies that cover how to attract and engage new prospects? That’s what you’re about to discover below. First, let’s establish what we mean when we say new prospects. As your ...Read More

Top 10 Website Copy Strategy Tips

  Website copy—when it’s optimized, clear, and engaging—can be one of the most profitable elements of your online presence. To ensure your website content makes the grade, we’ve put our top 10 website copy strategy blogs in one place. Dig in!  #1. Website Copy Conversion Strategies: The Agitate and Solve Technique  The ...Read More

Why Content Marketing Is Necessary for Small Business

    Content marketing is now a necessary element of online sales for most companies; however, many businesses are struggling with creating marketing content. According to a recent survey of online marketers by the Content Marketing Institute, even though 88% of online marketers use content marketing, a whopping 70% of marketers say ...Read More