Sūmèr Helps Dr. Isaiah Hankel Promote New Book and Entrepreneurship Program

Working with Dr. Isaiah Hankel for the past several weeks has been exciting for us at Sūmèr. Our professional copywriters are proud to announce two projects for Isaiah’s company, Cheeky Scientist. We approached these two products by connecting Isaiah’s messages to his market with clear and compelling copy seen on multiple mediums.

The first of the projects was Dr. Isaiah Hankel’s latest book, published by Wiley: Black Hole Focus. Sūmèr wrote the sales copy for Black Hole Focus’s landing page that directed visitors to make a purchase. Sūmèr also wrote the copy for a series of emails that generated anticipation and drove pre-sales for the book.

Shortly after the book launch, a sales page for The Cheeky Scientist Association went live. This website announces a professional development program specifically for advanced degree holders who want to transition into business, grow a professional community, and generate passive income. Our copywriters wrote the copy for the sales page, as well as provided the necessary advisement for making the page’s conversions and sales increase.

To read more about Isaiah, visit his website and blog: https://www.isaiahhankel.com. He just announced his book is now an International Bestseller and the Bestselling Business Book of the Month. Isaiah is a pleasure to work for and be in communication with. The Sūmèr team is confident he will continue to have great success.

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