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The professional writing and content of the articles have made a huge difference in my monthly revenue.

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Last summer, while attending a conference with other professional painters, a speaker asked attendees what they did to remain in front of their former customers. I thought that after we painted someone’s home or commercial building, they probably would not want to hear from us again until they needed painting again. I never truly thought that, after several years, they might forget who painted for them!

This is when I began working with Sumer. They helped us design post cards for direct mail campaigns and a brochure as a leave-behind on bids, and then revamped the wording on our website. Every step of the way has been excellent. They also suggested we do a newsletter. However, I assumed that my customers would have no interest in reading about what we do. Michelle and her team developed a plan, and we put our newsletter in motion.

I was very surprised by the results. Customers that I had not spoken to in years called or sent an email saying hello, and many also asked us to bid on a variety of projects. Each month, we get feedback from our newsletter and new projects.

All of these amazing results came about, just because we stayed in touch!

While I think that the mere contact was helpful, I also believe that the professional writing and content of the articles are what really make a difference. Michelle’s team is great and easy to work with.

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