Your Website Message: The Most Overlooked Element of UX

User experience or UX—whatever you want to call it, it’s the make-or-break factor that determines whether or not your website is sales-ready.

So much of the best practice advice on UX focuses on website functionality, de-bugging, speedy load times, and a slew of other technical ins-and-outs. But the often forgotten element is the website message itself.

The thing is, technical upgrades equate making sure a movie projector works right…

But what about the movie itself?

You can have a completely clean, fluid, and high-functioning website, but that portion of it merely pulls the curtain back for your content. To be clear, this is a yin and yang scenario.

Without proper website maintenance, your content won’t work. On the flipside, without a quality website message, maintenance becomes a moot endeavor.

Once you have the technological updates, bug repairs, and security working at optimal levels, how do you ensure your web copy gets the job done?

Keep It Audience Centric:

Allow me to jump on this soap box…

If you’re writing about a product or service, and NOT putting the focus on the customer himself, you’re doing it wrong.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, another way to keep the focus content on the audience is to give your web copy a relevance test. Depending on your target market, this test will answer…

  • How does this content relate to my customers’ lives?
  • Does this provide tangible value to readers?
  • Does the web copy show I understand what my audience struggles with or needs?

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Implement Case Studies:

When it comes to UX, it’s all about giving the audience what they want. Especially is you’re a service-based entrepreneur, your audience seeks information from an expert.

Let’s face it: they’re not likely to find that on the home or about page. Instead, lead your audience to case studies, where they will find detailed information that helps them succeed in their unique endeavors.

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Make Web Copy Compelling and Quick

So what’s so extremely difficult about web copy? When it comes to quality UX, your website message needs to be the most enticing, empathetic, powerful, comprehensive, and intriguing content on the planet…


You’ve got roughly 2.7 seconds to accomplish that mission.

The task of grabbing attention and keeping it within such a short window, is possible. In order to give your audience the best UX content-wise…

  • Keep paragraphs at around 3 lines.
  • Be punchy, and get to the point fast.
  • When in doubt, use a bulleted list.
  • Give them the gist with headlines.

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