Waiting to Revamp Your Website Message? You’re Losing Money.

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“I’m waiting to revamp my website message.”


You might as well wait until flying saucers land in your backyard or someone invents calorie-free ice cream…

Because waiting to rework your website copy translates into losing money.

I get you have a budget. I get it isn’t always cheap to revamp a site. But, do you understand the opportunity cost of your decision?


I beg you: please stop and rethink your decision about putting copy on the back burner. I’ll give you 3 reasons why…

  1. Your website is the first step of the sales conversation, so you better make the copy do what it’s supposed to.
  2. Your website message may not speak to your target market at all, which is why conversions aren’t as high as they could be.
  3. Your copy has one major thing wrong with it…a little website hiccup that’s killing your sales.


We’ve seen this website copy problem happen to so many businesses—large and small.

It sucks, and it only gets worse the longer you wait.

Here’s a brief story about how bad it sucks. You could call it…


Why Waiting for Copy Kills Your Lead Generation


We had a client with a huge problem: quality leads.

They weren’t pushing out quality content to their audience, so they weren’t attracting people to their site. The site wasn’t perfect, but after finishing a website copy conversion analysis, we knew exactly what needed to be done to improve it.

The problem: the handful of leads their site was generating for them was not the market they wanted to attract. They wanted Pottery Barn type clients, but their website screamed IKEA.

The quality leads either left their site immediately, or they got lost in that jumbled mess.

We told them what needed to be fixed, changed, and adjusted, but they just didn’t want to spend money to hire a professional copywriter.

Instead, they wanted to wait until December to get the copy written.

After telling them the cold, hard reality…

That their hemorrhaging of cash was a direct result of their Category 4 website copy super storm—they just didn’t get it.

So, they continued to throw cash out of the window. Sad, but true.

Now that you’ve heard that horror story…


Consider the Future Without New Website Copy


If your site is already working against you, things will only get worse.

More often than not, the current copy you have on your site, blog, online store, etc., is working to some capacity, but with a few strategic tweaks and edits, it will be exponentially more effective.

The more time you wait to hire a copywriter, the more money and clients you flush down the toilet.

You think you are saving money, when in fact you are losing unearned income.  And that’s one crappy situation to be in.


Find Out If You’re Losing Money…

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