Time to Update Website Copy—Google’s Watching

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It’s time to update website copy. Pronto. Last week—that’s when your website copy really needed a conversion-ready boost.

Two days ago, on April 21, Google rolled out its newest SEO update. (Read Google’s official statement here.)

Long story short, search rankings now factor in your website’s mobile performance. As if the sea of iPhone screens waving at concerts and sporting events weren’t an indication, this new search algorithm has been a long time coming.

To sum up what’s happened, Google’s new ranking signals include:

  • Checks for relevance and timeliness on mobile devices.
  • Higher ranking points for app content in addition to website copy.
  • Proper configuration for mobile viewership.

As a business owner who needs to raise your SEO score, find motivated buyers, and increase your online visibility—these new ranking signals means you must take action…

But not for mobile-readiness alone.

Our professional copywriting team has spoken to more than a handful of businesses who are scrambling to update their websites for Google’s new mobile decree.

When you upgrade your website for Google’s new update, for the love of all that’s holy, don’t forget to update your website copy as well.

There are approximately 6,034,5894 reasons to give your website copy a boost while you update for mobile-readiness. In the interest of time, I’ll outline only 4 of those reasons.

6,034,5894 reasons to update your website graphic

Update Website Copy Reason #1: Attention Spans Shrink More Day by Day

The average human attention span now clocks in at roughly 8 seconds. In other words, the goldfish you see swimming around in pet store aquariums have a longer attention span than your prospective clients.

Shrinking attention spans have absolutely nothing to do with stupidity or nonchalance. The human brain leaps to different places because people are inundated with multiplying responsibilities and struggles.

In order to captivate interest and keep it, update your website copy so that traffic understands how you solve major problems.

The most effective headlines, hooks, and opening remarks should get prospects reading in less than 2.7 seconds.

Update Website Copy Reason #2: The Needs of Your Target Market Evolve 

Multiplying responsibilities. A growing client list. New additions to a family. Market saturation. Heartburn.

There are any number of stressors that keep your prospective clients up at night. It’s up to you to not only understand how your customers’ needs evolve—it’s also paramount that you express that sentiment in your website copy.

This amounts to empathy. Update your website copy in a way that shows you understand what your customer avatar goes through, and how your products and services ease that pain.

Update Website Copy Reason #3: Google Factors in More Than Mobile-Readiness 

Google wants your website to be mobile friendly. Chances are, you’ve already taken care of that, or you’re planning to do so. Even as these updates roll out, Google consistently updates your SEO score regardless of official algorithms.

Check out this article from web designers Tungsten for more info on Google’s consistently upgraded search criteria.

Your search ranking is never cemented, although there are copywriting strategies that enable you to stay on top of the results.

The first rule: relevance.

When your website copy speaks to the direct needs of your ideal customer, visitors will stay on the page longer. In turn, your SEO score raises because you cater to the user experience, not necessarily direct sales.

Update Website Copy Reason #4: Content is the Backbone of the User Experience

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, one truth has remained consistent.

Content matters.

Content bears weight on your conversion rate, your search engine visibility, your customer nurturing efforts, and your overall user experience.

That last one—user experience—is the kicker. To put it mildly, your website traffic won’t have a good experience without quality, relevant content.

As you update your website in the wake of Google’s latest change, consider how your prospects engage with your content. When your bank account grows, you’ll be glad you did.

Did you update your website for mobile-readiness?

Call in the professionals to handle the website copy updates!

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