#TBT to Our Top 5 Blogs of the Year

sparklers spell out 2014As the year comes to an end, everyone tends to get a little nostalgic about what has happened in the last 12 months. Apparently Sūmèr is no different. We brought our group of professional copywriters together to go over the best-performing blogs of the past year, and you’d think you’re in a room full of proud, emotional parents sending their kids to the first day of kindergarten. We decided it’s not the end; it’s just a new beginning.

And with handkerchiefs in hand, we share our top 5 blogs of 2014…

1.      5 Copywriting Exercises That Make You a Marketing Ninja

Copywriting exercises do more than make your brain synapses fire with good, creative ideas—they make the whole marketing process easier and more effective.

That’s why we’ve developed 5 copywriting exercises that help you get the most response and create the highest conversions on sales letters, web pages, and marketing emails. Think of it as a litmus test to measure the power of your marketing copy.

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2.     Converting Leads into Buyers with the “Why Factor”

The question you need to answer to convert leads into buyers comes down to one obvious word: why? Your quality leads need to have a specific reason why they should buy from you.

And finding out the why is your job—not theirs—to figure out.

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3.     Copywriting Tips: Product Storytelling

Compelling and conversion-ready copywriting provides a narrative that captivates interest, informs, and persuades. Stories are fundamental to how we communicate, and that’s especially true for businesses. But what if you sell physical products? How do you fuse stories into your product copywriting?

The first step is to take your message far beyond product descriptions.

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4.     Does Your Website Copy Answer These Four Questions?

Answering the “four why” questions is the shortest and simplest way to persuasively communicate with prospective customers because it ensures you cover all possible objections. As you will see below, each why question includes a specific element of a transaction–be it a financial exchange or an exchange of information.

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5.     How to Repurpose Blog Content without Repeating Yourself

No, a little repurposed blog content is not cheating, as long as you do so without repeating yourself. If done right, repurposed blogs attract more prospects and build your list—but how do you expand your reach without sharing the same content over and over again? Herein lies the dilemma.

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