The Cutest Patriotic Pets You’ve Ever Seen

In honor of the Fourth of July, the adorable four-legged friends at Sūmèr wanted to share their patriotic spirit. We hope you find as much delight in them as we did during the photo shoots!

For our readers in the U.S., have a safe holiday weekend! May it be filled with BBQs, fireworks, and fun.

Noor (aka Martha Washington) shows her patriotism by remembering the original First Lady of our great country.

Felix, Lola, and Declan showing off their American Pride Hawaiian style!

Tsukimi, the hedgehog, says the Pledge of Allegiance.

Slinkie prefers to stay a safe distance from the fireworks.

Lime might be a tad slower than the rest, be he sure does love his country!

Abby just loves this time of year! Just look at that face!

Leydon is all set for the cookout.

Leydon hanging out with our forefathers.

Uncle Melville Wants You.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

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