Simple Blueprint for Your Successful Sales Funnel

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A successful sales funnel…oh, how on Earth do you build your masterpiece?

Generating greater audience engagement requires that you take your audience on a journey with you. There are many nuts and bolts to consider as you create your conversion-ready sales funnel.

Lucky for you, our professional copywriting team will simplify the process for creating a sales funnel that hits all your targets.

Establish Relevance with Segmentation

Email segmentation doesn’t entail audience segregation—the practice means that you’re sensitive to your target market’s unique needs. In creating relevant email content, you place a direct emphasis on your customer avatar’s unique struggles.

For example, you wouldn’t send a guide to hedge fund management to a group of financial planning newbies. You’d start with the basic principles and action steps for asset growth.

So many email nurture sequences consist of only broadcast messages that hope to captivate interest, but ultimately fall short. That’s because umbrella messaging without focus makes the audience feel as if they’re only a number on your email marketing list.

Instead, give them actionable insight and relevant information that’s based solely on their specific needs. The ironclad method of doing that is marketing list segmentation.

Project the Audience Experience

Without a bird’s eye view of what you want your sales funnel to accomplish at every turn, you end up shooting in the dark. As you engineer or tweak your sales funnel, keep the big picture audience experience in the forefront of your mind.

Don’t think in terms of sales numbers and lead generation. Concentrate on how and why your audience will engage with your sales funnel content.

What is it that you want the audience to get out of this? When you pinpoint the core of what you want your sales funnel to achieve outside of profits, that’s when you get clear on how to design and implement your plan.

Captivate Interest with Content Diversity

Some content is designed to draw fresh traffic to your website; other pieces aim to strengthen your relationships with existing clients; and some marketing content leverages direct sales.

With multiple purposes building to an end game, it’s difficult to take your prospects on a journey with you if you have dry, repetitive content.

The solution is to vary your content so that your audience doesn’t get bored with the same delivery over and over again. You could have articles that cover a cornucopia of relevant and diverse subjects, but if it all looks the same, it will blend into a content smoothie in your audience’s brain.

Implement a video after a white paper. Fork over an audio lesson after a video. In diversifying your content, you stay consistently fresh.

Perform an Email, Lead Magnet, and Website Content Audit

Successful sales funnels require maintenance. Tinkering with your sales funnel rollout doesn’t mean that you’re unsuccessful. Instead, it means you practice proactivity. Most of our readers know that famous quote from Albert Einstein, but in an effort to prove our point:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you send out an email after a lead magnet download, and you don’t get the response you wanted, figure out why. With that information in your hands, you can take proactive steps that lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Break the Funnel Template 

Most business owners have seen those handy-dandy flow charts—and for the most part, those serve as a great sales funnel starting point. But no two businesses are alike (at least they shouldn’t be).

The point is that not every sales funnel needs to be identical. Templates are for cookies and paint-by-number sets. In fact, following a template leads to lower engagement, less relevant content, and general lackluster results for all your efforts.

Design a sales funnel specifically for your audience—no one else’s.

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