Professional Copywriter Profiles: Interview with Melville the Cat

melville typing on typewriter

Professional copywriters come in all shapes and sizes. While many of us come from creative writing backgrounds, other copywriting professionals lobotomize mice, hide in grocery bags, and perch on computer keyboards.

The newest member of our content marketing team, Melville the Cat, embodies the second origin.

When he’s not helping our head copywriter, John Owen, create website messaging, blog content, and nurture sequences, he can be found writing his memoir, Tales of the Tuna Can: One Cat’s Journey from Front Porch to Keyboard.   

For our wonderful clients and blog readers, we present to you a Professional Copywriter Profile of Melville the Cat.

Warning: what follows is a controversial interview about what it’s like to be a feline in the copywriting and content marketing industry. Reader discretion is advised.

What inspired you to become a professional copywriter? Melville sitting on a pile of books

Saw keyboard. Letters glow, look comfy. Melville figured, “if not for sits, then why are letters made of warm stuff?”

Then my Dad said “Melville, buddy, get off keyboard please. Trying to work, so I can buy you cat food.” Then Melville thought, copy righting made cat food happen, so I give a try.

Melville sat on warm letters while Dad wrote web-sight copy, and I made this happen:


That very interesting copy. Captivating to reader. Express real solutions.

When you’re not writing website copy, blog content, and marketing emails, how do you spend your free time?

laying with brother catMelville very interested in astrophysics. Planets and stardust and carbon. Pluto is dwarf planet, not moon. Some sigh-en-tests think Pluto is moon, but then other sigh-en-tests think Pluto is dwarf planet.

Melville fall under second sigh-en-test category.

Also interested in becoming cat warrior, great cat warrior. Work on ninja skills with my brother Puck, and have learned to bite Puck’s neck and stampede kick his face.

He get real mad, but I cuddle with him to say sorry.

I hope a personal question is OK. You used to be homeless, so how does your difficult background influence your copywriting work?

Good content marketing tell story. Melville like story. Most cat do. Even cat with two feet and no fur except on head and sometimes face like story. It OK to axe question about Melville living in orphanage.

Very cold. Look for food. No tuna make me sad. Also no toys—I love toys now like my sister Slinkie’s food, which I play wit that when get out of bowl. I also play wit my stuffed fish.

Did not always have toy or cat food. Make Melville upset, so he find his Dad and Mom on front porch and come inside.

He find real solution inside, not in orphanage.

Problem. Solution. Story.

That is recipe for good copy righting.

cuddling with dog

How do you write an effective headline? 

Hang on. Got to sit on warm letters…

HIRGHSDjsijoei34549*&@#Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.41.08 AM


That is pretty good headline. Audience understand how problem get solved but not only that, audience also know that product maker understand pain with em-path-ee.

Do you mean empathy?

That’s watt Melville said.


Do you have a favorite client?

Melville have no client…he has friends.

Melville like his friends. My best friends include Mama, Dad, Puck, and Sinkie. I rather enjoy working with C-MY-Totore, because they help cat warriors like Melville with spieling.

As u can tell, Melville is very gud at speiling.

To enlist Melville’s expert copywriting services, click here.

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