Infographic: Copywriting Tips

It’s a hard pill to swallow: visitors spend an average of 2 minutes with your website content…if you’re lucky. Not to worry. With these copywriting tips, those 120 short seconds will be more than enough time. If you want a visitor to make a decision within a 2-minute window, your web copy ...Read More

Launch Strategies: Why “No” is Sometimes the Best Answer

Have you ever been excited about a launch, only to have the door shut in your face? When your prospects say no, it hurts. Okay, it really hurts. But, it’s actually an opportunity to develop better launch strategies. For many business owners, customer re-engagement is difficult. After all, if the offering failed ...Read More
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Copywriting Tips: Case Study Creation 101

Case studies serve as ideal promotional material for just about any service-based business. Not only do case studies provide great SEO content for better online visibility, but they also escalate sales with storytelling that highlights your business’ track record. When a prospect reads a case study, the most effective writing makes him ...Read More

3 Ways to Paint the Picture in Your Copy

It’s not always easy to write fresh copy for clients and prospects, so we like to bring you ideas of how to keep your writing fresh and engaging. One great way to do that is to paint a picture in your readers’ heads. That task is easier said than done, so here ...Read More
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What We Can All Learn from Car Salespeople

We’ve all had the experience of buying a car, and the people who sell cars are an entity unto themselves. They do things their own way, and while many of us cringe at the thought of dealing with them, we have to admit they’re good at compelling us to buy. Let’s look ...Read More
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Living Out Loud: An Interview with Janet Wallace

We love Janet Wallace (and so does most of the Internet). She’s the founder of Social Deviants and UtopYA, as well as a powerhouse of social media influence and knowledge for entrepreneurial success. We took a few minutes to talk with her about social marketing, how to increase exposure for business on ...Read More

Make Your Clients Happy and Keep Them Coming Back

Delivering stellar customer service: it’s the best way to keep clients happy and coming back for more. It’s what all businesses want to do, but few deliver consistently. The following tips will help you improve your client relationships. Listen to your clients and anticipate their needs. When your customers purchase from you, ...Read More

Meet the Sumer Team: Mama Mia

This week, Sumer is proud to spotlight one of our top team members, Mama Mia. Check out her exclusive interview here! How long have you been with the Sūmèr team? I’ve been with Sūmèr since it started. I like to think that I was the inspiration, but that’s not what my mom ...Read More
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Why WordPress is the Best CMS for Bloggers

Court Tuttle, founder and CEO of BlogBuilders, is our guest at Sumer this week. Read on for crucial info and tips regarding WordPress! – Do you know that about 20% of the World Wide Web is built using the popular CMS known as WordPress? One of the main reasons is its ease-of-use. ...Read More

Marketing Tips that Catch Fire

If small businesses pay close attention, they can learn valuable marketing tips from the film industry. Catching Fire, the latest installment from the Hunger Games franchise, is the perfect example of highly effective advertising. Simply take a look at how the marketing team uses audience-centric advertising that lets fans sample the product ...Read More
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