Human Marketing for Human Customers

Human marketing?

You might think, “What are these people talking about?”

Let’s get philosophical first thing: what does it mean to be human? It’s a loaded question, I know, and there’s not one right answer.

Truthfully, there’s only all-encompassing factor that makes us human.


When it comes to your human marketing efforts, it’s crucial for just about any target market that you come across with a certain level of emotional resonance. Otherwise, you’ll write for robots who’ve never experienced anything.

And that’s just not your market.

Even if you have the best product or service in the world, you won’t convince anyone to buy unless you implement the human marketing technique.

It’s true that humans consider themselves rational, instead of emotional. But that’s not entirely true. While we use our logical brains, we also use our emotional hearts to make decisions.

For example, if you have Geico car insurance, you might have bought because the gecko made you giggle. If you use Snuggle detergent, did you buy because the adorable bear drew a smile on your face?

My point: marketing lies in the heart–yours and your customers’. Put some emotion in your message with these 2 techniques.

Know the Human Marketing Motivators

There’s always a reason why we make a decision. That why factor can be conscious or unconscious. But if you take a good hard look at your decisions, you’ll uncover a specific reason behind each one.

So what motivates your customers? Here’s a brief overview of 4 factors that bear weight on your customers’ decisions…

  1. Love. People want to belong. Love is a loaded emotion. From friendship to romance, most people want to find a place of belonging and comfort. In other words, loneliness sucks and we want to avoid it.  
  1. Greed. People want more. It’s not necessarily money that people want. Your customers may want more fun and relaxation, more peace of mind and success. It’s all about having more.
  1. Fear. Everybody has a monster in the closet. As children, we worried about things that went bump in the night. And even in adulthood, not much as changed. Except now the boogie man has turned into a stack of unpaid bills, getting sick, or the most common fear of all…failure.  
  1. Obligation. People feel dutiful. Your customers will have a sense of responsibilities–whether that obligation is to their families or their businesses.  

Love. Greed. Fear. Obligation.

These four deep emotions constitute a recipe for a human being. And those are the areas you copywriting should tap into. But the question is, where do you put it all?

The WHY factor, the reason behind your business offerings.

Give Them the Why. The Real Why.

Did you start your business because your damn good at what you do?

Talent might be part of it, but it’s not everything. Chances are you started your business for more emotional reasons. (You’re only human, after all.)

Go back and really think about your origin story, where you started and where you’re going. It’s all about your personal roots.

Business coaches often start their practices because they got fed up with struggling and found a way out. Now they want to give other people the answer.

Medical experts who offer healing courses may have had a friend or family member suffer from a disease that could have been prevented. Now they want to stop sickness before it takes a significant hold.

Bottom line: there was a need you saw, and you filled that need with solutions born from your real life experiences.

And it’s the same deal for your target market.

Tell your story, and you’ll tell their story, too. That’s when you uncover the human side of marketing. And that’s when you’ll see bigger and better results.

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