Holiday Marketing: Take Note of These E-Commerce Trends

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Holiday marketing is the cornerstone of higher conversation rates in December. But if you’re gearing up to end the year with higher profits, it’s important to first take a look at the numbers—specifically, what holiday marketing data reveals to online businesses.

We’re data geeks at Sūmèr HQ, but numbers don’t mean much without the context behind them. The good people over at Statistics Brain have graciously compiled the holiday shopping behavior data that’s set to happen this year, but read this very carefully to see what these figures mean for your business.

2014 will produce $52 billion in holiday spending.

Consumers are poised to spend $52 billion on holiday shopping. That’s not chump change, but in order to cease the opportunity, it’s important to communicate with your list as they shop.

In other words, don’t expect shoppers to seek out your e-commerce website without you reaching out to them.

90% of consumers will seek out e-commerce businesses to shop for gifts.

Ah, the best stat in the bunch! As an Internet marketer, the bulk of consumers will be seeking you out. In part, shoppers want to avoid the Black Friday turmoil and to-the-back-of-the-store lines that result in more stress than savings.

To gain an edge over brick-and-mortar stores, create holiday marketing that shows how online retail is a better option for your target market’s time and budgets.

Our advice: use storytelling in your marketing that SHOWS prospects the difference between clicking a mouse and getting trampled by vicious shoppers.

The average consumer will spend $704 on gifts.

With this statistic, it’s important to consider your target market’s general price point. If you work with a luxury audience, they’d most likely be willing to spend over the average amount of $704.

On the other hand, if your target market consists of college students with Ramen noodle budgets, they might not have that much to spare.

70% of mobile device owners will use smartphones and tablets to ship.

Can your prospects reach you on their mobile devices?

If your website isn’t mobile-ready, then you’re missing out on the conversion action. Since so many shoppers will take to their handheld gadgets to get their shopping done, it’s important that your website copy can be scanned within seconds.

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Only 16% of shoppers are willing to pay full retail price.

Tis the season of discounts. Even though Black Friday is the quintessential 24 hours for deals, that doesn’t mean e-commerce businesses are limited to that fateful day after Thanksgiving.

In fact, why not surprise your marketing list with strategic discount offers that will convert?  Make your discount offer completely out of the blue to not only surprise your customer, but to also eliminate competing offers.

As the New Year comes, where do you want your business to go? Prepare yourself for success with content that converts…

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