Why DIY Copywriting Backfires

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DIY copywriting. It’s a very bad, no-good idea.

Here’s why:

=> You lose out on sales and lead generation.

=> You don’t have the time to run a business and write segmented nurture sequences.

=> A fresh set of eyes will pull the curtain back on why your website copy, blog content, and email marketing doesn’t generate leads and earn new business.

Look at this way: you wouldn’t perform your own dental work with a hand mirror and pliers. And you wouldn’t fix a burst pipe with duct tape.

Believe it or not, DIY copywriting may be more painful (and costly) than those two scenarios.

No one earns the title of professional copywriter without achieving results in website conversions, lead generation, customer engagement, and so on.

You may have noticed that we’ve been on a bit of an anti-DIY copywriting kick lately.  Specifically we’ve shared how DIY copywriting kills sales, but the reasons for using professional content marketing services stretches beyond that.

Over the years, our team has used proven marketing techniques to produce not only conversions, but also customer engagement that sets businesses up for long-term success.

Most important, we’ve brought websites with DIY copywriting back to life, so it’s important to deliver this public service announcement…

Just say no to DIY copywriting.


If we haven’t sold you on the paramount importance of professional copywriting yet, there are 3 things that every business owner should know.

DIY copywriting is not cost-effective—especially not for small business owners.

Are you saving investment dollars by tackling your copywriting yourself? Not exactly.

While there is no cost associated with DIY copywriting, you’ll also spend countless hours…

  •  Not on sales calls with motivated prospects.
  •  Not training new employees.
  • Not traveling to networking events.
  • Not having a website that converts in a way that cuts your workload in half.

If time is money, you’re missing out.

SEO is so much more than keywords. 

Google doesn’t pick up that you’re a business that coaches people over 75 how to market on Facebook. As a matter of fact, search engines couldn’t care less about your niche.

Google adds to your scorecard when website traffic spends longer amounts of time on your domain, crawls deeper into your navigation, and engages with your content.

A few keywords won’t do much to help you become more visible, but a professional copywriter will.

Professional Copywriters create the User Experience.

User Experience (or UX) doesn’t mean customer service or a quality product. In the case of your website, the User Experience equates to a first impression. Will your website visitors become brand warriors?

The conversion hinges on the User Experience.

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