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New Year Resolution: Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Suck

Your website has the potential to be an incredibly useful business builder. It can grow your list, provide useful content online to your community, and give a great first impression of you and your business to prospective clients. But if your site is an eyesore, if it’s sending the wrong message to ...Read More
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4 Ways to Break Up Copy on a Web Page

*photo screenshot of photographer Jochem Gugelot’s website: https://www.jochemgugelot.nl/ Have you ever seen a web page that was a solid chunk of copy? There were no breaks and nothing to attract the eye, so it was not only boring, but also difficult to read. Not what you want for your website. You want ...Read More
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The Art of the Sales Funnel

“Sales funnel.” Sounds simple, right? If you attended a business class, you probably became familiar with that little cone image. (Or maybe you fell asleep during that business class because let’s face it: discussing sales funnels can be boring.) But a smart sales funnel design on your website is crucial. It’s more ...Read More

What Does Your Font Say about Your Company?

As our culture becomes more and more computer literate, our sensitivity to the subtleties of technology deepens. Stop most people on the street, and they’ll be able to tell you their favorite font—or at least their default font and why they chose it. But how much time have you spent thinking about ...Read More
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Exciting New Website and Blog Launches

It’s been an exciting past few weeks here at Sumer! Four of our clients have launched new sites that are not only beautifully designed and functional for their business mission, but also equipped with optimized web copy that expresses their accurate brand message. See below for a spotlight on each of these ...Read More

Stop Letting Your Website Control Your Business

Are you embarrassed by your website? Do you wish you could change your content quickly and without spending a fortune doing so? If your website is out-of-date or you want a more dynamic website—one you have control over—then join Ally Piper of Marketing in Bloom and Michelle Salater of Sumer for a ...Read More
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Give Your Blog Added Flare with Distinguished Design That Is In Line with Your Brand

I’m so excited to share with you another guest interview for our Love Your Blog Series, where we interview blogging and marketing experts. Today’s interview is with one of our favorite and most trusted web, logo, and blog designers, Claudia Cokis. In this guest interview, Claudia shares advice for small business owners ...Read More
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