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Deep Crawl: The Next Frontier in SEO Evolution

Remember the last time you bought a book on Amazon? There’s a solid chance that you spent a good portion of time reading customer reviews and checking out related products that people with similar tastes purchased. In doing so, your visit to added to its deep crawl scorecard. Google measured how ...Read More

Relevance Not Keywords Help your Google Ranking

Keywords get your site or blog indexed, which creates the potential for people to find you when searching on Google or Bing. Once you’re found, it’s your relevance that gets your visitors to stay and read your content. Appearing on Google is only the first step. If you’re not producing content relevant ...Read More

Forget Keywords. Relevance Is the Real SEO Magic

There’s an SEO myth floating out there in Internet Marketing Land. Many small business owners have fallen victim to this vicious misconception… The Great Keyword Trap. But really keywords are one of the last things you should worry about. Here’s what I mean: so often web copy gets bogged down with repetitive ...Read More
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The Big Cheese: An Interview with SEO Expert Fred Sexton

Fred Sexton a.k.a. “The Big Cheese” has been a prolific designer of creative and cutting-edge websites and internet marketing campaigns for years. With this talent and burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, Fred opened Steinbeck-inspired Mouse and Man, an online marketing company in 2003 (although he has admittedly been caught in the web forever). Boasting ...Read More

The Seven SEO Sins

Everybody scrambles to get their SEO strategy moving. But are they making mistakes that slow them down? In order to rank high in search engines and become present to customers, websites need to employ SEO-rich content. This is essential to ensure that the website is among the top two or three when ...Read More

So You Think You Can Write SEO Copy?

The world is filled with good writers. In fact, we meet plenty of business owners who are very capable of writing emotionally engaging content. But when it comes to optimized copy, sometimes there is a disconnect between simply compelling writing and copy that will be truly effective for your business. We’ll show ...Read More
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5 SEO Tips to Write By

SEO copywriting oftentimes gets a bad reputation. And with all the keyword-stuffed sites on the Web, you can easily understand why people think SEO copy falls in one of two camps: Your marketing content is SEO-rich and unreadable for humans. Your content is written for an audience, thus sacrificing a high search ...Read More

How to Stay on Search Results as the Algorithms Change (Again)

One thing most of us have come to accept (I won’t say love) about the world of online marketing  is that change is a constant—and, more to the point, the pace of change online is much faster than in the non-digital world. But fear not, for your online marketing gurus at Sumer ...Read More

Top 4 Tips for Optimizing Web Copy

If you’ve decided to include web copy as part of your overall marketing strategy, you probably already understand at least the basics of using keywords in your online marketing copy. If you don’t, here’s a (very brief) primer: keywords help search engines rank your page. A page with a high keyword density ...Read More
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10 Web Copy Blunders to Avoid

When building a website or maintaining a marketing blog, it can be tempting to view your copy as the “filler” that surrounds your product or service offerings. But beware of paying too little attention to your web copy: if you aren’t careful, shoddy copy could deter potential clients. Before you draft your ...Read More
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