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5 Tips to Increase Your Earned Media

Do you know the difference between earned media and paid media? Paid media is just what it says: advertising and media that you paid for. When someone takes it upon themselves to share, distribute, tweet, or email your stuff, then it’s earned media. Social media sites and blogging have expanded earned media ...Read More

5 Essential Qualities for Your Professional Online Marketing Strategist

For many entrepreneurs and small-business owners, finding an Online Marketing Strategist (OMS) is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. After all, you’re hiring this person specifically to provide services that you can’t, because you lack either the time or the expertise. If you’re in the latter situation, it’s important to know what you’re ...Read More
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The Perfect Pitch Formula: Get Results Every Time

You know how great your business is. You know that people would have to be crazy to turn you down. But somehow you’re not getting through when you make your pitch—luckily, that’s easy enough to fix. Follow these pointers to make sure your next pitch doesn’t fall flat. Essential Components of a ...Read More

Evidence That Shows You Need an Electronic Newsletter

Have you ever considered starting an electronic newsletter but had no clue what you would even write about? This is a common issue that many small business owners face. In fact, one of our long-term clients, Drexel Hill Painting, felt this exact way before starting their newsletter. Drexel Hill Painting is a ...Read More
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Press Release Writing 101: How to Write an Effective News Release

A press release is an inexpensive marketing tool, but it must be crafted and written correctly. News releases tie your company to a newsworthy event, and failing to create a good link is one of the most common reasons press releases are rejected. Make sure your press release is accepted and effective ...Read More
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Five Tips on How to Avoid a Social Media Disaster

While it’s important to be actively posting and communicating with your audience on social media, it’s equally important to do so in ways that aren’t insulting to others or that negatively impact your brand. One irresponsible tweet or an inappropriate YouTube video can quickly spread like wildfire and turn into negative publicity ...Read More
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Social Media Release: Engage Journalists and Bloggers through Multimedia

Whenever I discuss press releases, I always like to remind small business owners that press releases are not for the general public or your target audience. Press releases are used to share newsworthy information with media professionals in order to inspire them to spotlight you in their publication, blog, or broadcast. Therefore, ...Read More
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BlogDash: Finding Key Bloggers Has Never Been So Simple

Whether you’re a small business owner or run a PR agency, BlogDash is a great online tool for individuals looking to reach out to bloggers in various niches and areas of expertise. In addition to businesses, bloggers can also use BlogDash to gain exposure and build relationships online. How do businesses benefit ...Read More
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Best Practices for Promoting an Upcoming Event

If you don’t have the resources right now to hire a PR professional to promote one of your upcoming events, then take initiative and start doing everything in your power to promote your event on your own. Whether you’re hosting an upcoming webinar, speaking at a national conference, celebrating a business anniversary, ...Read More
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Social Media Marketing Insight from Brian Solis

Two of our favorite marketing and PR professionals, Lee Oden and Brian Solis, come together in this exclusive video to share insight on social media marketing. In this video, Lee Oden interviews Brian Solis on the power of creating an online community to promote your brand and focuses on the elements that ...Read More
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