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Relevance Not Keywords Help your Google Ranking

Keywords get your site or blog indexed, which creates the potential for people to find you when searching on Google or Bing. Once you’re found, it’s your relevance that gets your visitors to stay and read your content. Appearing on Google is only the first step. If you’re not producing content relevant ...Read More

These 10 Articles Will Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

Consider this a quickie. In this post, we put together a collection of the ten best B2B content marketing tips on both our site and on the web. Are you looking for B2B gift ideas? In this post, titled 4 Tips for B2B Gift-Giving, Sūmèr shows you four difference ways to make ...Read More

6 B2B Content Marketing Principles That You Need to Follow Now

Our professional copywriters never create any message using a rulebook . We simply live by one content marketing code: it’s all about the audience. If you work within the B2B model, you know all-too-well that your audience has specific needs. And that your content must center on those needs in order to ...Read More

Repurpose Your Webinar Content (Without Feeling Like You Cheated)

Content is meant to shared and absorbed. When it comes to webinar content, many business owners feel as if they have only the presentation time to deliver the message to a limited audience. That’s simply untrue. Your webinar content serves as a springboard to deliver your audience new and helpful content, and ...Read More
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Why Split Testing is Like a Content Marketing Crystal Ball

Split testing sounds like a truckload of work. After all, you have to create two versions of content marketing, decide on variables, drive traffic, and analyze visitor behavior. Based on how your visitors interact with your web page, you declare one version of your content marketing the winner. Then comes the second ...Read More
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Why Words Trump Images

Images grab your prospects’ attention, and draw them into the sales message. That’s only the first part of the conversion process. When it comes to the purchase decision, it’s the messaging that makes it happen. Think of this in terms of romantic relationships: your customers date the images, but they marry the ...Read More

Copywriting Tips: Product Storytelling

Compelling and conversion-ready copywriting provides a narrative that captivates interest, informs, and persuades. Stories are fundamental to how we communicate, and that’s especially true for businesses.  Service-based entrepreneurs have the fodder for good stories. Business coaches and consultants motivate and guide customers’ toward goals. Tech specialists improve communication and capability. But what ...Read More

Marketing Strategies: What You Can Learn from Holiday Hot Toys

When something becomes unexpectedly successful, small business owners find themselves taking notes. What about the marketing strategy compelled so many people to buy? Why did so many people flock to a particular product? Especially with the shopping season heating up, we’ve been thinking about why some toys become sales phenomena. More important, ...Read More
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How to Make Your Website Smartphone-Friendly

25% of Americans gravitate toward their smartphones—not a computer—when they want to browse the Web, according to the Pew Internet Project. Of those surveyed, a striking 87% of smartphone owners check the Internet or email on their phones in addition to using their computers. Factor in that 20% of U.S. smartphone owners ...Read More
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Email Marketing: How Variety Will Convert

What do email marketing strategies have in common with going to a restaurant? This is not a joke. This is serious stuff. So keep on reading… Imagine you’ve gone to the same sandwich shop for five years straight. It’s your Wednesday afternoon tradition: a clean and relaxing atmosphere, where a polite and highly ...Read More
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