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Debunking Content Marketing’s Biggest Myth

As you can see in the nearby chart, the phrase content marketing in news headlines increases year after year. The term content marketing provides a new way for a business to understand marketing, which is interesting because content (e.g., catalogs, brochures, white papers, etc.) and marketing are not necessarily new things. The ...Read More

A Quick Guide to A Unique Selling Position — The Backbone of All Marketing Efforts

There’s one thing you must do before you create an ad for your business, draft a script for your sales team, or write one word of copy on your website. This one step is the backbone of every single piece of your online AND offline marketing. Not having a universal and compelling ...Read More

5 Marketing Phrases You Might Not Know About

According to Infoplease, there are 6,500 spoken languages in the world. Most people I know can speak one or two languages. While I’ve met people who can speak several languages, doing so is not the norm. What is very normal, however, is speaking the language of your job. Take it from someone ...Read More

How to Target Core Desire on a Landing Page

Set aside thinking about landing pages for a moment… And imagine you’re stuck in traffic and it’s 105 outside. Sweat trickles down your brow because your AC broke two days ago. You haven’t had time to fix it because you’ve been so busy lately. In fact, you’re on your way to a ...Read More

How to Start a Copywriting Project

If you spend time on our blog CopyDoodle, you will notice we have hundreds of posts on copywriting, blogging, and online marketing. In fact, we’re rapidly approaching the one thousand mark on our blog. Each of our posts approaches the world of content from a different perspective, so no matter where you ...Read More

A Brief Intro to Direct Response Copywriting

  There is more than one way to write copy. In fact, there are actually several copywriting styles. The method of copy you use depends on the intention of your message. In this post, we’re giving you the lowdown on a style of copywriting called direct response. When you want a reader ...Read More

Does Your Website Copy Answer These Four Questions?

Your website copy absolutely must answer these four questions if you want people to read your content and then take action: 1. Why me? 2. Why you? 3. Why this? 4. Why now? These are the “four whys” of any profitable website. When you answer all four, you can get the desired ...Read More

Attract Prospects and Convert Them to Customers with This Bar Exercise

How well do you know and understand your prospect’s problem? If you want to attract more prospects and convert them to customers, you should know this is important—and you should do it well. The more you can tap into and show you truly understand their problem, the better you’ll be able to ...Read More

3 Email Optimization Tips for Better Engagement and Open Rates

According to Forrester Research, marketers sent over 838 BILLION emails in 2013. (Sadly, Forrester didn’t say how many of those were “exciting opportunities” from princes in foreign countries.) Jokes aside, the reality is 838 billion is nothing to laugh at. 838 billion is a number that helps put your email marketing strategy ...Read More

How to Use Hooks to Generate Quality Leads on Your Website

A quality lead is a lead that is likely to engage and convert to a buyer. Your website is a way to generate quality leads, if you follow the best practices of website copywriting. Quality leads are important for small business owners, marketing directors, and anyone whose job it is to make ...Read More