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Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Well, the stats are in. According to CNN , more Americans are using mobile devices to access the Internet than desktops and laptops. So if you have had a “whatever” approach to mobile marketing, it’s time you sat up and took note, because you’re leaving some serious $$$ on the table. This mobile ...Read More

Why Niche Audiences Get Bored with Marketing Content

This one goes out to the niche business owners out there. You have a business that caters to a very targeted market. The marketing content you provide for your audience focuses on one very specific element… Something along the lines of how to get your Burmese Python to perform party tricks. Or ...Read More

The Most Overlooked Split Testing Variable

Dear reader, you’re about to see the most overlooked and under-utilized split testing variable. First, I’ll dispel a few misunderstandings about how to measure your sales page success.   When it comes to split testing your landing pages, it’s all about the headlines, right? Sales page headlines are what your prospects read ...Read More

Peter Shankman’s Principles on Creating Zombie Loyalist Customers

Peter Shankman wants entrepreneurs to create a horde of zombie customers. (I’m tempted to leave this blog with only this sentence, but I won’t.) At last month’s #ICON14 conference in Phoenix, I heard Mr. Shankman wax poetic about what it takes to make loyalist customers. If those late-night viewings of Night of ...Read More

6 B2B Content Marketing Principles That You Need to Follow Now

Our professional copywriters never create any message using a rulebook . We simply live by one content marketing code: it’s all about the audience. If you work within the B2B model, you know all-too-well that your audience has specific needs. And that your content must center on those needs in order to ...Read More

Content Marketing Scarcity in the Zombie Apocalypse

Writers who pen AMC’s The Walking Dead have no mercy for their dedicated audience, and yet millions of people tune in every week. Translation: the moment one character develops an origin story, and the audience feels affection toward him or her, that’s when s/he meets their demise. (Ahem: this is actually a ...Read More
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Marketing Strategies: What You Can Learn from Holiday Hot Toys

When something becomes unexpectedly successful, small business owners find themselves taking notes. What about the marketing strategy compelled so many people to buy? Why did so many people flock to a particular product? Especially with the shopping season heating up, we’ve been thinking about why some toys become sales phenomena. More important, ...Read More
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