5 Ways to Shake Up Your Blog

1171411_17138428After you’ve been blogging for a while, you may find yourself stumped on ways to keep your blog fresh and alive. You may get to the point you feel like you’re doing the same old thing and writing the same old content.

Shake things up! Try something new, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a few things, such as…

Find related videos on YouTube or Bing.
You can find videos of almost anything on Bing or YouTube, and it’s OK to link to or embed a video on your blog. Watch the entire video, and research the creator to ensure alignment with your company. Referencing the video is tantamount to promoting the creator, and you don’t want to advertise for someone whose mission or purpose is at odds with your company.

Use case studies instead of blogs.
Find a few satisfied clients, and write case studies outlining how your company helped them to reach a goal. The more variety in clients you can find, the better. Prospects of all types will read case studies and try to imagine how your company fits in with theirs.

Ask employees to write guest blogs.
Your employees will breathe new life into your blog, and they will help your readers relate more to your business. Ask employees from your client services, sales, and service departments to contribute one blog a month (at least). It will free your time, give them something new to do, and add variety to your blog.

Check out the competition.
What are your competitors doing with their blogs that you’re not? Make it a habit to check out one competitor’s blog a week. Visit the blogs of related companies also, including vendors and clients, to get ideas for new ways to communicate with your readers.

Hire an outside writer.
A blog writer from outside the company will keep your blog fresh, as he or she will be learning about your company from the ground up. A good blog writer can look at your website and come up with topics that haven’t been covered in your blog. He or she will notice aspects of your company that you haven’t thought to cover. New eyes are a good thing.

Does your blog sing to prospects?
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