3 Ways to Compete With Bigger Businesses

You know the one about David and Goliath, right? It’s a story where someone smaller takes on a giant. You see this scenario played out in a lot of movies and stories today. Take the movie Rudy, for example. Here’s a kid that didn’t have a chance playing in the big leagues, but he keeps trying and eventually lives out his dream.

Is that just for movies? Or is there any truth to the “underdog” taking on something infinitely larger?

Yes, as a matter of fact, there is a way you can gain momentum, and compete with businesses much larger than yours.

Here are three ways.


As a small business, you have the advantage of SPEED. Bigger companies are not so quick to make changes. When you have a small team, you can quickly latch onto business growth trends much faster than a large corporation.

For example, did you know there are some businesses today that are just starting to use social media? Picture the CEO in his office in 2010, uncertain if “social media” will be a thing. A big business has a lot more to risk, so they won’t pick up on “trends” so easily.

As a small business, you’re not held down by bureaucracy. With fewer people to answer to, you can be quick to try new business strategies.


Big businesses deal with the masses. Sure, they segment down in order to hit the niche markets, but they can’t do it as effectively as a small business. This is why big businesses buy small businesses in the first place—they want their list of customers and system for selling to that particular niche market.

You have a targeting advantage as a small business. While big business targets the masses, you can tune in to groups and small crowds. You can do things like read reviews, and see what’s making people upset. Then, when you find out what the real problems are, you can quickly adjust your small business to superior customer service…

Which brings me to my next point.

Customer Service

Good customer service is the biggest advantage you have as a small business. How many times have you called a major business, only to get put on hold by an automated system? Isn’t that the worst?

Customer service is especially helpful as an ecommerce business. By showing concern for your customers, you’ll be liked way more than a business that treats a customer like a number on a spreadsheet.

Overall, the advantages you have as a small business will help you compete with any major brand. Just like David, you can take on a larger opponent by operating with quick and laser-targeted focus, while offering outstanding customer service.

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