3 Tricks for a Killer Video Sales Letter

Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman once said: “I write scripts to serve as skeletons awaiting the flesh and sinew of images.” Bergman meant that words are the foundation for his product.

Even though we don’t make movies, the copywriting business hinges on the words that bring products and services to life. When it comes to writing a killer video sales letter script, Bergman’s idea is especially important.

But when you write a video sales letter, the rules change. The tone adapts to match the speaking voice, and you create a message that corresponds with an image. Needless to say, we’re not in Kansas (a.k.a. web copy) anymore.

Just because you’re not necessarily writing SEO-rich web copy, it doesn’t mean there aren’t solid strategies. In fact, here are 3 tips to get you started writing video sales letters that convert.

Write the Way You Speak

As your prospect goes from reader to listener, audio establishes a different environment. Overall, the spoken word takes less effort to absorb. More so, people get a more instantaneous feel for your personality.

While those points are certainly beneficial, you have to write the way you speak to create an effective script. The message should still address objections and concerns, and highlight benefits, but the tone should be wholly conversational.

Know the Best Tone Before You Write

As an exercise, turn on a recorder and hold a product-related conversation with a friend or co-worker. Even though the recorder may affect your natural speech patterns, try to ignore that it’s there.

Play back this conversation, and evaluate whether or not your prospects would identify with it on a personal level. After that, you’re ready to write your script with a conversational tone in mind.

Keep it Under 5 Minutes

There’s one rule that stays the same: you are allotted a limited amount of your prospects’ time. Even if your prospect really needs your product or service, they may search elsewhere if you don’t get to the point.

Plus, an information overload creates confusion. (The last thing you want if for a prospect to have to rewind to catch something.) To ensure your viewers digest your entire message, try supplementing your video sales letter with bullet points. A short video with highlighted talking points ensures prospects will get the point fast.