Copywriting Tips: Beat Writer’s Block!

by Michelle Salater on September 14, 2012


Whether you’re a seasoned scribbler or are just dipping your toes in copywriting waters, chances are you’ll run into writer’s block at some point. The problem is that, if you’re on a tight deadline to post something to your blog, send an email, or dash out a press release, you may not have time to dither over what to write about.

Beat any type of writer’s block by taking some tips from the copywriting pros here at Sumer. With these tricks in your bag, you’ll never have to stare at the blank screen again.

  • Write a review. Read an interesting business book lately? What about a thought-provoking article online? Or maybe you heard a podcast or radio show that related to your work. Whatever the medium you choose to write about, reviews provide a rich source of fresh material that offers genuine benefit to your readers.
  • Write about challenges you’ve recently overcome. Without naming client names or giving away your secret strategies, share your ups and downs with your audience. This tends to work best when you provide concrete, personal details (and, yes, when you can offer a happy ending!).
  • Snoop and comment. You know who your competition is, and you know who offers services that complement your own. Spend time on their websites and get an idea about what they’re up to. Then offer your commentary on industry trends. This not only provides you with subject material, but also demonstrates that you’re an expert on your industry!
  • Start a conversation on social media. This might take a while to play out, but it can provide interesting results. Post comments on forums, blogs, or social media sites that relate to your work and stoke the fires of response. See what people are saying, then write about it.
  • Interview someone. Coordinating schedules with other busy entrepreneurs can get hectic, but interviews are a fun and engaging form of content. Keep interviews on your radar as you plan your marketing copy, and you’ll have one less piece of content to write yourself.

Any other tricks for pushing past writer’s block? We’d love to hear them—share your strategies in the comments!

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