Introducing the Pets of Sumer

by Michelle Salater on January 20, 2012

Here at  Sumer, we understand that one of the most important parts of creating excellent marketing copy  is having an amazing support staff. So here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes at the lesser-known contributors that make this company tick!

Jess Smith, Executive Assistant, Presents Harleigh “Bean” Smith

Known as the Executive Assistant to our Executive Assistant, this two-and-a-half-year-old malti-poo is famous for her
snuggling ways. If you’re on the sofa, warns Jess, this pooch will be on your lap!

But don’t let the Bean fool you into thinking she’s content to be a couch potato—Jess notes that her pup has big dreams of traveling around the world…though she admits that these could be attributed to her habit of sleeping in suitcases.

Michelle Salater, President, Presents Mama Mia, Chief Office Assistant at Sumer

Inspirational to everyone around the office (and possibly to all humankind), Mama Mia reminds the Sumer team to take things as they come. With extensive experience in sunshine napping and outdoor playing, Mama Mia is an irreplaceable part of the workplace.

Penny Salater, Editor, Presents Abby

Though Abby often receives attention for her dashing good looks, her other skills tend to go unrecognized. But Abby is by far one of the best hiders of red pens that the animal kingdom has ever known—perhaps not a trait that will win her any ribbons, but one that certainly keeps things “interesting” at the editorial desk .

When she’s not stashing Penny’s work supplies under the sofa, Abby spends her time making sure that our editor takes enough time to put her feet up and enjoy the little things that life has to offer.

Brenna Lemieux, Copywriter, Presents Robert
While not technically a “pet” (Brenna’s allergies prevent her from owning any living animals), Robert’s thin-legged insouciance brightens many a long hour in front of the screen. Originally intended as a Christmas ornament, Brenna found she couldn’t bear to part with the inspiration he brought to her each day, and found a permanent place for him in her home.

Who inspires you and your team to do your best work?

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