The Revolutionary Books That Help Small Business Owners Achieve Success

by Michelle Salater on September 8, 2011


As part of our blog series Business-Transforming Books, where we ask business owners what ONE book has changed how they do business and why, we’re featuring four more business owners and their favorite business success books.

If you missed Part I of this series, click here.

See below for Part II:

Response 1:

From: Sheri Joi

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

The little known book Better, Smarter, Richer by Jackie B. Peterson has changed the way I am structuring my business. Jackie is an expert on creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. She gives specific exercises to complete to really move you in the correct direction. She knows that creatives and solo’s have to use different techniques from those that traditional entrepreneurs use.


Response 2:

From: Peter Merkle

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid.

I read the book, got the unabridged audio, and printed the workbook and had it bound. I then hosted a webinar series with my associates to share ideas on the Book Yourself Solid concepts. Can ya tell I liked it!? It changed how I do business by volumizing the idea of a red velvet rope, which opens to my ideal clients.

Response 3:

From: Laura Herzberg

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

The Psychology of Winning by Dr. Denis Waitley is the one book that has changed how I do many things in business and in life. The power of a positive attitude and practicing winning strategies are key elements stressed by Dr. Waitley. I consistently re-read this book and practice the proverb from chapter 3: “Life is a do-it-myself project. I take the credit or the blame for my performance.” I work to be the best I can be for myself, my family, and my clients. Working Dr. Waitley’s winning strategies into my daily life has helped me realize my dream of running a business that I am passionate about, knowledgeable of, and able to share with my clients. That makes us all winners!

Response 4:

From: Cena Block

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

The E-Myth Revisited helped me to understand that as an entrepreneur, I needed help to run my business. This is an important book for anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur to consider.

That’s it for Part II of this series on Business-Transforming Books. If you are dying to share one of your favorite business success books with our readers then leave a comment on this post. In your comment, be sure to leave your name and website and blog URLs, and tell us what book has changed the way you do business and why.

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