7 Ways to Generate More Creative Web Copy to Ignite Interest in Prospects

by Michelle Salater on August 24, 2011


It happens to everyone eventually—you wake up one day and find that your website has blah, unimaginative web copy. When your site looks like everyone else’s, or you’ve just run out of gas when it comes to writing web copy, we have some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Read some creative websites and blogs, even if they’re not in your industry.

Artists, photographers, and writers often have fun and creative websites. Notice the adjectives and adverbs they use and how the words create an image in your mind. Think about which words apply to your business, and use the thesaurus feature on your word processing software to generate even more words that will paint a picture in your prospects’ minds.

See your product through new eyes.

If you’re having trouble getting started, read your testimonials. You’ll see your product or service through happy clients’ eyes, and creating new and creative copy will be easier.

Focus on benefits rather than features.

When your prospect buys, what does he or she get, and how will it change his or her life? Spell out the benefits as plainly as possible, and show them what their life looks like with your product or service in it.

Add excitement to your existing copy.

Take your existing copy, add adjectives and adverbs, and change the order of paragraphs if it makes sense. Sometimes a little tweak is all you need.

Write some new copy in a flash.

Do what copywriters call a fast draft. Decide what you need copy for, sit down, and write it fast. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling; just get your thoughts and feelings on paper or computer screen. When you stop, don’t look at it—set it aside overnight and revise it the next day. The beauty of fast drafting is that you get out of your own way and write creatively and passionately.

Minimize jargon.

Everyone else in your industry uses buzzwords and jargon in their web copy, and not only does it drive prospects crazy, it drives them away. If you can cut through that clutter, you’ll win raving fans.

Try telling a story with your copy.

When you walk a fictional client through your business process and demonstrate how it helps him or her, you grab prospects’ attention and keep it. They picture themselves with your product and see how it will help them, plus they see the kind of customer support you provide. You’ll be astonished at how easy it is to sell.

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