The Dos and the Don’ts of Putting Video on Your Website

by Michelle Salater on April 18, 2011

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Believe it or not, there are dos and don’ts to adding video to your website. Think of all those websites you’ve visited where video starts to automatically play and audio blasts through your computer speakers without warning—not only scaring you but everyone else in the room!

This leads me to my first and most important video don’t:

Don’t have your video play automatically on your website. It’s annoying, overbearing, and can be distracting to some visitors.

Do allow website visitors to choose to view your video. Don’t run the risk of scaring website visitors away within three seconds of entering your site. Instead, offer them the option to view a video. Your visitors might prefer to read your About Us page or Services page before viewing your video. Always give your visitors the option to choose where they want to go on your site. If your site is designed to get your visitors to take action, all of your pages should work to encourage site visitors to take action.

Don’t ramble on: Most viewers will only watch a video for an average of three minutes. If you can’t get your point across in less than three minutes, your audience probably won’t stick around to hear more.

Do keep it short and sweet: Make sure your video has a purpose and you project that purpose immediately. Sometimes it helps to draft a script or outline that will assist you in projecting your points in an organized and timely manner. And always remember to use a call to action at the end of your videos.

Don’t go cheap on your video production: Your videos should be an accurate reflection of you and your brand. A poor-quality video can have devastating effects on your brand image and how prospects perceive your company.

Do pay for quality: Physical appearances matter when it comes to brand image. Creating a business video with fuzzy audio and poor lighting shows prospective customers that your products or services will be just as low-budget as the videos you create. Is that the impression you want to leave on prospective clients? Probably not.

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