Quality vs Quantity: Where Do Your Marketing Materials Stand?

by Michelle Salater on January 4, 2010

When it comes to creating tangible marketing materials, working within your budget can be a challenge. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of compromising quality for quantity. You may think that by saving money on your marketing materials with a lower-quality option that you’ll reach more prospective clients than if you create higher-quality materials with a lower quantity.

Think again.

If you want to influence others to promote on your behalf, providing them with quality materials that they can use in everyday life is essential. When your marketing materials are being used by key influencers, you gain even more exposure than you would by handing out poor-quality materials at a larger rate. These promotional products almost always become cleaning rags or are donated.

Many times, when businesses hand out logo-embossed t-shirts as a marketing tool, they purchase generic t-shirts in bulk, compromising the quality of the shirt. What these companies fail to realize is a poor-quality marketing product will never be used by key influencers. The result: your marketing dollar is wasted.

Below is an example of one company that chose quality over quantity…

Last week, my friend had a going-away party at a sports bar in the area. Two marketing representatives for Jeremiah Weed—a flavored vodka company—were handing out cozies and t-shirts. About five people mentioned the soft texture of the shirt and its great fit. This led to a discussion about quality vs. quantity. Several of my friends mentioned that they are frequently given poor-quality promotional t-shirts at events, sporting events, or venues, and never wear these items. They’re usually too large, too rough, or too ugly to even wear to the gym. Those promotional t-shirts get thrown in the garbage.

With the Jeremiah Weed shirts, nearly all my male friends said they would wear the shirts on a weekend or to the gym. Many of the girls said they would wear the t-shirts to the gym as well or as nightshirts.

Many of the people at the sports bar that night were key influencers, and the people they would come in contact with while wearing the Jeremiah Weed t-shirt could be potential customers.

Moral of the story: Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to your promotional materials. People will be much more likely to use them in their everyday lives, and, therefore, you’ll gain much more exposure—not to mention you’ll get more bang for your marketing buck.

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  • website logo design
    Your blog is pretty good and impressed me a lot. This article along with the images is great.
  • Andrea Costantine
    I agree, when it comes to putting something in the hands of your potential prospects or clients - don't skimp! I believe when we value the people who cross our path, they will in turn value us as well.
  • Thanks for the comment Andrea--value is the key.
  • Nora,

    Thanks so much for your excellent input on what makes quality marketing materials. And I whole-heartedly agree with you. The sense of touch is huge when it comes to quality and how you perceive that brand message. Thanks!
  • Nora Richardson
    Excellent advice. I agree with you whole-heartedly. I am a brand designer and it kills me when a client refuses to do the perfect marketing material, for their target, just because of the price per quantity.

    People do not realize that when you give swag or just design a brochure that the recipient is using all their senses. They use their eyes for color, shape and sheen. Their nose if it smells new or fresh or if it has no smell. Their ears: Does it make noise, is it suppose to and is it appealing? And then finally the touch. Does it feel soft? Does it feel expensive? Touch is probably the most telling of the senses for quality. And although most people cannot tell you why they like or think some companies are better than others it usually is because the of the final sense...touch.

    Also, congrats on the great new blog look!
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