10 Reasons to Write Your Own Website Copy

DIY website copy is a fantastic idea, especially if you’re not into the idea of running a profitable business.

If, for whatever reason, you’d rather have a high-performance website that attracts and converts your ideal market, then contact us, and we’ll talk.

If you want your website content to not do much to increase audience engagement, ramp up conversions, and increase your profit margin, writing your own website copy is the way to go.

Here are 10 reason why.

You want to stay in the same spot for years—no new clients, additional revenue, or growth. We get it—you don’t want to grow your business. If that sounds good, try your hand at DIY copywriting.

SEO is for the birds. And it’s not like anyone uses Google anyway.

When you’re aiming for your website to appear on page 11 of search engine results, writing your own website content is the only straight-shot path to decreasing your online visibility.

Business owners have oodles of time. Please feel free to add 10 extra hours to your workday in order to craft your webpages, blogs, and lead magnets.

There’s no need to travel to events, engage with clients, and roll out new products and services.

When professional copywriters write website content, the focus remains on your customer avatar, and what your business does to provide transformational solutions.

But who cares about audience engagement?

Writing your own web content ensures that you won’t have time to create fresh, relevant material that your audience will eat up.

Despite dramatic changes in your industry, you’d rather not make any updates to your website copy.

If you already have website content, why make any changes? That only leads to more website traffic and additional business.

If you write your own website copy, you’re practically guaranteed to not only lose time, but also a ton of cash.

Who cares about your business making money? (Well, professional copywriters do.) 

Longtime clients? Nah. If old customers need relevant content, then why work to keep their business?

As a business owner who broke the mold in order to forge a new business, you’re not an employee.

If you write your own website copy, you become an employee…and one who works a whole lot of overtime with little rewards.

With a professionally written website, your ideal prospect finds you and converts.

That means you won’t get to hunt them down so much. If you enjoy the endless chase, then DIY copywriting is the way to do it.

Your audience craves content that helps them accomplish something, bypass a frustration, or otherwise provide value.

But who cares about that?

Even though your audience wants fresh, relevant content that provides insightful, actionable information, why would your website need to give them that?

If these 10 reasons don’t apply to you—and we imagine that they DON’T—then click here to contact us for professional copywriting services.

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