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When it comes to attracting quality leads and increasing returning website traffic, you need a carrot to dangle.

In this case, that carrot is a lead magnet, which provides free and actionable information to prospects in exchange for their contact info.

Specifically, the ideal lead magnet…

  • Leverages expertise and showcases that you know your stuff.
  • Provides value that the reader can apply.
  • Gives prospects a taste of what you offer.
  • Educates your target market on the solutions that will make an impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in eCommerce or a service-based industry; lead magnets show your prospects your skills and create a greater urgency for more information.

However, it’s not always easy to identify the lead magnet that generates quality leads, increases your opt-in rate, and leads to sales.

When you create a lackluster lead magnet that is irrelevant or unhelpful to your audience, then you end up with wasted time, lost revenue, and frustration.

Not to worry—we’ve created a lead magnet cheat sheet.

NOTE: read each of these descriptions carefully so that you can select the perfect lead magnet for your customer avatar.

Lead Magnet 1: The Checklist

The Checklist is a lead magnet that illuminates the milestones involved in solving an issue or performing a task.

One of our favorite examples of The Checklist Lead Magnet comes from our good friend, Ryan Deiss.

The Million Dollar Napkin Project is a lead magnet that shows the audience how to create a simple and profitable marketing model.


When you download this content, you see…

  • Short content that shoots straight to the point with zero fluff.
  • An outline of how to create a desired product or result.
  • A condensed checklist that shows you how to set up a successful project.

The Checklist Lead Magnet is ideal for your audience, if

Your audience does not know how to do something important, but can set the foundation for success with a few steps.

Keep in mind that the problem you solve does not have to be marketing-related. Our copywriting team has penned checklists that reveal how to…

  • Network during events.
  • Find a top-notch realtor.
  • Spot quality lease agreements.
  • Avoid recalled pet food.
  • Remove stains from clothing.

Lead Magnet 2: The How-To Guide

The How-To Guide Lead Magnet is more complex than The Checklist.

Where a checklist format allows you to deliver short bursts of information, the How-To Guide functions more as a full training.

Here are a few key differences:

  • How-To Guides offer examples and case studies that flesh out your points.
  • How-To Guides reveal common pitfalls and showcase what to avoid.
  • How-To Guides often showcase a problem/solution/obstacles/results paradigm.
  • How-To Guides rely more on storytelling than bullet points.

In the example below, you’ll see a how-to guide from one of our clients, the integrative veterinarian Dr. Ruth Roberts.

This marketing device is a book that shows readers how to cook safe and healthy food for their pets.

Specifically, the book…

  • Tells stories about how and why a home-cooked diet is better for animals.
  • Gives information on how to create a safe pet food recipe.
  • Showcases the benefits of doing it.


The How-To Lead Magnet is ideal for your audience, if

Your audience has struggled with an issue for a long time, or requires more education about the WHY behind doing something.

While the How-To Guide does not have to be book length, the content is more comprehensive.

Lead Magnet 3: The Catalogue

The Catalogue Lead Magnet is ideal for the eCommerce space.

If you’re thinking that your website is a virtual catalogue in and of itself, you’re half right.

When you use a catalogue as a lead magnet, you are able to…

  • Condense information.
  • Showcase products individually.
  • Collect email information that sets up future marketing.
  • Allow prospects more time to think about the purchase.
  • Outline the various product options available.

Below is an example of this lead magnet in action.

A client of ours, Town and Country Conservatories, sells custom designed architecture that creates new space but doesn’t detract from a property’s original charm.

As buyers weigh their options, they seek to find the ideal addition to their home. This Catalogue Lead Magnet facilitates that decision.


The Catalogue Lead Magnet is ideal for your audience, if

You work in the eCommerce industry and have a plethora of products…or you have products that require deeper information than what’s presented on your website.

Lead Magnet 4: The Video Training

The Video Training is a lead magnet that…

Well, the title pretty much says everything.

Video trainings provide an excellent way to communicate with your list and deliver quality information over an easily digestible format.

Many of the business owners we speak with shy away from video, as it seems expensive and time-consuming.

In some cases, this is right.

However, a PowerPoint presentation simplifies the production process and bypasses any camera shyness.

(If you’re OK standing in front of the camera—that’s cool, too!)

Below is an example of an inexpensive but highly effective video training our team completed for our longtime client Teresa Bennett, The Analyst Coach.


In this video, prospects will see and experience…

  • Content that teaches a skill which can be applied immediately.
  • A new service that solves problems.
  • Industry-specific storytelling and statistics that reveal what’s at stake.

The Video Training Lead Magnet is ideal for your audience, if

  • You communicate with your audience predominantly through text, as the change of pace will leverage variety and increase conversion rates.
  • Your audience prefers to see content instead of read it.
  • You have a nurture sequence mapped out and require content to fill it.

In conclusion…

These lead magnets are yours for the taking, but you don’t have to write them yourself….call in the professionals.


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