How to Observe Customer Behavior Online

December 5th, 2008

When customers buy from your company’s website, it’s impossible to answer questions, objections, and concerns immediately. The key to a successful website is anticipating where customers are looking on your site, what they click on the most, and what they avoid.

Understanding customer behavior is just as important on the internet as it is with in-store selling.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for understanding online customer behavior. This free online tool offers exceptional benefits, sure to provide you with helpful information that will enable you to turn your business website into a successful selling machine. It will provide you with customer behavior data, allowing you to create more successful marketing campaigns, advertisements, and customer profiles. The benefits are endless and sure to drive your company to greater success.

Google Analytics is free and is a powerful tool for website and business owners, advertisers, and publishers. It allows you to compare segments of traffic, such as “visits with conversions” and “paid traffic.” You can also come up with your own segments with their segment builder. Google Analytics makes it easy to compare past and current segmented data.

You’ll be able to see where customers come from and the actions they take on your website by using Google Analytics. With the use of its motion charts, custom reports, benchmarking, ecommerce tracking, and much more, you’ll be able to improve marketing strategies, increase conversions, and boost online sales. Google Analytics is simple to use and a great way to keep data organized and easy to access.

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Increase Business in Economic Crisis and Strengthen Your Brand Name

December 3rd, 2008

During tough economic times, customers are more particular about businesses they’re buying from. Customers want to know you understand the current crisis and are there to help them with their needs. Showing clients you value their business during economic crisis expresses your dedication to customers and their satisfaction. Your company will appear as a helpful friend as opposed to a business looking for a quick buck.

Show customers your brand name symbolizes a business that cares about their families, their success, and their happiness.

·       Nurture relationships with customers. Sell them products / services with benefits that cater to their needs and be truthful about the benefits. Once customers recognize they have purchased a product / service worth their money, they’ll most likely come back. Strengthening brand loyalty is a great way to grab customers during this economic crisis and keep them when the economy rebounds.


·       Present customers with a mission statement on your website. When customers see a set of values on your site, they’ll be more likely to view your company as truthful and trustworthy. Customers are looking for businesses they can trust and who can satisfy their needs and the needs of their families.


·       Submit newsworthy press releases explaining company improvements and innovations during the economic crisis. This will show customers you dedicated to them.

Strengthening brand loyalty in tough times will gain customers now and keep them in the future. For more helpful tips on marketing in economic crisis and to learn about our many marketing services, visit Michelle Salater Writing and Editorial, LLC. 

Hiring the Right Professional Copywriter

December 2nd, 2008

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level and boost sales dramatically, it’s crucial to find the right professional copywriter.

It’s important to hire a copywriter with thorough knowledge of marketing an online business through web copy, website design, blogs, online articles, and other traffic-generating tools.

A copywriter with skills in various areas of marketing has the ability to see the overall picture for effectively marketing your business. He / she can introduce you to innovative, effective, and helpful solutions sure to send your business skyrocketing to success. 

Here’s what to look for when hiring a professional copywriter:

·       He / she offers several writing and marketing services for businesses. Someone who only does copywriting is most likely not as qualified as one who utilizes various marketing strategies through different writing / marketing vehicles. He may open your eyes to grand opportunities for your business, maximizing success and dramatically increasing sales.  

·       He has a reputable list of clients. Look over the list of past clients and what services he provided for them. Note any testimonials he may have from these clients. If he has created successful marketing strategies for one business, he can most likely do the same for yours.

·       View any sample work / websites she has worked on in the past to get an idea of her writing style, spectrum of ability, and thoroughness.

Your website is an extremely important marketing tool for your business. It’s crucial to find a dedicated professional copywriter with the right vision for your company, recognized clients, great work samples, and a list of result-driven writing services.

Convert Potential Clients Using Audio Marketing

November 30th, 2008

Websites are excellent business vehicles to sell products / services, provide company and industry information, and share helpful tips. Sometimes they lack the personal-communication aspect that is so crucial for in-store selling success.


Listening to podcasts and signing up for teleclasses are two great way for consumers to experience more human interaction and participation. The vocal and interactive aspect is usually more enticing and entertaining than simply reading articles and information from a computer screen.


Customers benefit from audio podcasts and teleclasses because they’re free and provide useful and informative tips.  


Customers will associate the information they receive from your podcasts and teleclasses with your company’s success and dedication to the industry. They’ll be more likely to trust your business operations and products / services, making the buying decision a simple one.


The benefits for your company are increased sales, more referrals, a rise in customer loyalty, and much more.


Audio podcasts can be used to help people through a step-by-step process, share knowledge fast and effectively, or entertain. According to Pew Internet and American Life Project, about 19% of internet users say they have downloaded a podcast. You can virtually multitask while listening to an audio podcast. They’re free and downloadable to any online device, making them easy to access.  


Teleclasses are live seminars conducted over the phone and are similar to a conference call when a small group of people are able to listen and participate in the conversation.


Teleclasses are great ways to provide a learning experience for consumers and others looking to participate in your field. They’re a great way to establish your expertise in your field and reach people nationwide. Since these seminars are conducted over the phone, participants can listen to the classes from home, their office, or anywhere else with phone access. Teleclasses usually consist of 20 people or less and on average are 60 minutes long.


Increase Holiday Sales by Revamping Your Business Website

November 25th, 2008

According to the United States Census Bureau, e-commerce sales have increased 5.7% during the 3rd quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

With the holiday season upon us, now is the perfect time to ramp up your online selling efforts.

The holidays mean prime time for shoppers to surf the web with credit card in hand. More people are shopping online to save gas, view various products from competitors at the same time, save time driving to the store, and looking for the best deal. Having full confidence in a well-crafted, effective, informative, and easy-to-use website is a must.

Even though the holiday season promotes increased consumerism, many business owners are still uncertain about generating marketing strategies during this economic downfall. Don’t allow the unstable economy to deter you from improving online marketing strategies and website promotion. If anything, it should improve your marketing efforts.

It’s an important time to place your company in the spotlight and to show customers you’re still successful when times are turbulent.

Tips on how to increase conversions, SEO, customer loyalty, and industry recognition with an effective website during the holiday season: 

·       Offer discounts on purchases and / or shipping in an obvious location on your homepage. When people see slashed prices, they’ll more likely stay on your site to shop.

·       Make sure your web copy is fresh and up-to-date with company goals, policies, products / services, and industry news. Effective web copy—copy that generates desire and calls the viewer to act—should not be overlooked. Web copy is as important as the design of the site. It’s worth the extra money to find a professional web copywriter who will get your exact message across in the most effective way possible.

·       Reevaluate website navigation. Make sure your website is user-friendly, unambiguous, and speedy. Being unique with your website navigation can backfire since it may confuse customers on where certain information is on your site. Be concise and to the point when it comes to navigation.   

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How to Grab Your Target Market Online

November 25th, 2008

When creating or revamping your website, set aside your personal tastes. Instead, think about what your target market wants to see and know. They’re the ones who have to get something out of it in order for you to gain profits. Your website must speak to your target market and grab their attention within the first five seconds of their arrival to the site.

How to grab your target market in those first crucial seconds and keep them:

·       Use words, phrases, and a tone they’re familiar with and that speak to their wants and needs. Web copy is essential in gaining client interest and keeping them on your site. Quick and witty web copy attracts a much different clientele than smooth and seductive copy. Know what style will appeal to your target market and focus web copy around it.


·       The personality of your website must be attractive and satisfy a need your target market has. For example, if you own a luxury destination spa, your site design should look much different from a teen clothing company’s site. A sumptuous spa website needs to exude a feeling of lavishness in pictures and essence. It should appear calming, with photos inducing a sense of tranquility, accompanied by soothing colors and maybe even peaceful music in the background.


·       Visitors like to see a fresh website with web copy and design updates, news updates, company improvements and changes. This shows potential clients your company is constantly working to gain customers and is up-to-date with advances in the industry.


·       A user-friendly website is an absolute must. Potential customers will move to a competitor’s site as soon as they are frustrated and lost in navigating your site. Be simple, obvious, informative, and to the point.

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Communication Tips Essential for Successful Business Relationships

November 25th, 2008

Message from Michelle

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The parades, the family, the food. Ah, the food. Thanksgiving is the only day of the year where I can eat my body weight and then some, and not feel horrible about my gluttony.

The holiday season is upon us, which means schedules–both work and social–fill up quickly. In this issue of Your Business Marketing Solution, I think it’s fitting to discuss communication. Whether with family, colleagues, or clients, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open.

It’s also fitting to remind everyone about the Free Teleclass I’m hosting on December 3rd to discuss “How to Survive the Holidays with Style.” On this 60-minute call, I’ll be interviewing personal shopper, Lee Heyward, on style tips and trends for the holiday season. Don’t wait, register now.

This month’s feature article offers 5 tips to better communication and is a reprint of an article posted months ago in, an online article directory.

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Feature Article:

Communication Tips Essential for Successful Business Relationships

How many times have you asked a close friend or family member to do something for you or told them a story for the third time, but they could recall none of it? This scenario, while all too common, is frustrating and usually handled with a simple reply, “I told you that; you just weren’t listening.” In reality, it could have been your fault they didn’t understand or didn’t hear you. Then again, it could have been their fault.

Confronting a friend or family member is easy to do and socially acceptable; however, most people in the business world are not going to say to their client or boss, “You never told me to do that.”

Instead, people bottle up the anger and force a smile, knowing deep down that the client never communicated what he or she claims. See how this situation could go both ways?

It happens all too often, and when it does, the aftermath can cause future communication problems or, in the worst-case scenario, lead to settling the dispute in the courtroom.

Do your part in avoiding ambiguity within conversations by…

  1. Speaking clearly and slowly. Take into account the background noise.
  2. Being aware of the medium used to communicate. For example, if you are on a cell phone relaying important information, keep in mind that the receiver could have bad reception at times. Sending mail through the postal service could also get sticky-sometimes mail is sent to the wrong person or goes to another person in the office.
  3. Following up after speaking with someone in person or on the phone. It’s always a good idea to send an email after the meeting, just to make sure the receiver got all the important information from you. Later, if they say you never told them to do something, you have the evidence in writing.
  4. Knowing personal space boundaries. People can feel very uncomfortable if you are speaking to them at too close a distance; therefore, their attention is focused on that and not what you’re saying.
  5. Avoiding technical jargon in conversations with people you are not sure know the terms. For example, if you are speaking with a business owner who doesn’t have a website about how SEO will benefit the company’s profits, he or she might be thinking, “I don’t want to sound stupid and ask what that means, so I’ll just nod and act like I know.” Often the listener will even stop listening to the conversation because they’re so lost. Be aware of abbreviations and jargon in your conversations. Always use the full words instead of acronyms, and say search engine optimization rather than SEO.

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Tip of the Month

Advertising online is the new way to reach prospects. estimates that in 2009, 10% of all US ad dollars will be spent online and that while other media venues will show a decrease, internet advertising will continue to increase.

Michelle Recommends

If you haven’t read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People, please, buy yourself a copy today. If you’ve already read it, I encourage you to read it again. Carnegie’s insight into human nature will not only help you grow personal and professional relationships, but it will also put you on a path to financial success.

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Changing the Way You Do Business

November 20th, 2008

Change can be extremely scary, and it’s easy to fall into a pit of stress and worry when change is inevitable. Change should open new doors for your company and create new opportunities.

It’s not about the change itself. It’s about your actions in response to the change. Stress, anger, frustration, and worry aren’t going to get you anywhere. Thinking positively and constructively will create benefits to big changes. Positive thinking can have more of an impact than you might think. Even seeking out change is a great approach to improving business operations, products / services, customer service, and marketing campaigns.  

Change can have many positive impacts on your business and everyday work interactions.

·       Change can create a rejuvenating feeling that could lead to a more successful business. Your mind is clear for the future, and you see a fresh slate for something new to integrate into your company.


·       If you’re not reaching future goals as best you can, make some slight changes to your business—whether it’s the way you run business or the products / services you’re selling. Tweaking these things can lead to a smoother ride to business goals and eliminate obstacles that have been keeping you from reaching them.


·       Making changes can be stressful and unsettling. However, these feelings could create more unity in the business setting, since everyone is going through similar changes. Business members will most likely be in the same boat, creating support systems for all.


·       Changes open the door for many new things to come, and although it’s a big step, these changes should be embraced and evaluated for all the possibilities they create and maybe even lead you to re-evaluate past goals to benefit your company in the future.


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How to Market in Economic Crisis

November 18th, 2008

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Emotional Marketing: The Key to Making Sales

November 17th, 2008

Selling products / services to consumers isn’t always about the rational benefits they’ll receive. It’s about the emotional benefits as well.


Consumers are motivated by feelings and instincts that can be conscious or subconscious. Whether it’s the need to feel sexy, smart, confident, or strong— emotional needs drive people to take certain actions that will make them feel accepted by others.  


When marketing your company, it’s important to fulfill the customer’s sought-after emotion in the product / service you are selling. A successful marketing campaign taps into consumers’ subconscious desires with an emotional spin, further persuading them to buy a product / service for the emotional fulfillment. It’s all about identifying the lifestyle of your target market to develop a sense of their needs and what makes them happy, angry, sad, confident, and satisfied.


Once you persuade consumers to buy your product / service based on a connection with their emotional needs, they will develop a certain mental correlation to your company’s image. It’s important to associate excellent customer service, strong company values, and a well-crafted company image with the product / service you’re selling, in order to ignite positive feelings in consumers.  


If you want to increase your website traffic, convert more visitors to customers, and stop working so dang hard on trying to figure out how to market online, check out my bimonthly ezine, Your Business Marketing Solution and learn how to market in any economy.


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