Tips for Creating the Perfect Irresistible Offer

by Michelle Salater on August 26, 2011


One of the best ways to get prospects in the door is by providing them with an irresistible offer. This could be anything from a free report to a recorded webinar series, or a book to a free service.

Below are four commonly asked questions about creating an irresistible offer:

What exactly is an irresistible offer?

It’s an offer you can’t refuse! But diving in a bit deeper, a special offer is more like free, valuable information or a gift. At Sumer, we give prospects two offers, an audio download of Create Online Content That Sells and a free report in which you’ll learn 5 Secrets for Creating Web Copy That Will Increase Sales and Double Profits for Your Business.

Your irresistible offer could be a video of you offering insider tips and advice, or it could be a downloadable PDF you created that features your best tips and suggestions. You can really choose whichever medium you desire when creating your irresistible offer.

Where do I place my irresistible offer and how do I get people to sign up for it?

I suggest putting a sign up box for your offer on all of your website pages—especially your homepage. On the homepage, it should be noticeable so that it’s one of the first things prospects see when entering your site. You can also put it on other interior pages somewhere on the sidebar or at the footer of your page.

It’s also a good idea to mention your offer on your social media profiles and your blog.

How do I benefit from providing an irresistible offer?

Having prospects sign up for your special offer is a great way to capture email addresses and build your list. Not to mention the actual gift or offer you are providing to prospects is helping you to showcase your expertise. If your tips provided in your irresistible offer give value to the prospect and help them solve a problem they are facing, you are much more likely to have that prospect come to you for paid services or products in the future.

What types of irresistible offers are there and how can I create one that shines?

There are dozens upon dozens of various types of special offers you can give to prospects. The key is to be creative, grab the attention of prospects, and provide them with insider knowledge and tips that they can’t refuse.

Here are just a few types of irresistible offers you could create:

  • A video: Get the camera rolling as you provide 5 Ways to X or 10 Tips to Get X.
  • An audio: Record one of your past webinars and use it as your special offer.
  • A free report: Create a PDF with lots of pictures and advice. You could make the PDF magazine-style, bulleted, or appear like a scrapbook.
  • A downloadable template: No matter your business, a downloadable template is a great gift. For example, if you run a travel company, you could create a downloadable packing list or international travel preparation list. This interactive template enables users to keep organized and stay efficient.
  • A 15-minute strategy session: If you offer a service such as marketing, coaching, or legal advice you could offer prospects a 15-minute consultation or strategy session. This enables you to illustrate your expertise in a short period of time and increases your chances of having prospects come back to pay for your full service.

What is your irresistible offer and what have been your results from using it?

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