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Sūmèr stands for the power of personal connection. We stand for the hope and conviction that capitalism across the globe can be healed through conscious entrepreneurship, whether in small businesses or large corporations. We know that anything is possible and that amazing things can occur in this world if we all learn to communicate effectively.

Our name is inspired by the Sumerian civilization. We chose it because this ancient society captures Sūmèr’s philosophy of enabling communication that is cutting-edge, innovative, and creative. The Sumerians had enough foresight to know that in order to convey the significance of their ideas over distance and time, they needed to write and record a language to communicate and connect.

Their innovation inspired us to approach websites and online marketing possibilities in a more comprehensive way.

Sūmèr is reinventing how companies communicate and connect to their target audience by providing a clear message and sharing that unique message with the world. We take a very personal approach with each client and, through our work, build strong connections between our clients and their customers.

Connect. Grow. Thrive. 


New to Sūmèrology? No worries. Watch the video below and you'll be fluent in no time. 



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