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Travel, Write, and Finally Get Paid
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Michelle Salater

Spencer Spellman

Michelle Salater, president of S?mèr, LLC, started her career as a freelance travel writer before starting a copywriting company in 2008. In two short years, she has grown her company to a team of 5 and now works with some of the top travel companies in the industry. Spencer Spellman, formerly an editor for travel guide publisher 10Best, used his experience and contacts in the industry to launch a career in freelance travel writing and content production. A digital nomad, Spencer spends most of his time traveling the world and writing regularly for travel websites and publications.

Michelle and Spencer have worked together off and on for over a year, and now they?re joining forces to discuss one of the hottest topics among travel writers: to get paid or not to get paid.

On this one-hour call, we will share with you ?

  • Why you should stop writing for free (the answer might not? be what you think)
  • Why writing for free is doing you more harm than good, and why you must change your mindset.
  • Tips to find paid work and resourcesfor paying gigs.
  • Tips to pitch and sell yourself and land the paying jobs you want.

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