Email Marketing Copywriters Write for Kiss Me Organics

Our email marketing copywriters are thrilled to work with Kiss Me Organics, an organic foods company that distributes the best selling matcha on Amazon. Matcha is a Japanese green tea leaf powder used in tea making and cooking. After great success with selling matcha, Kiss Me Organics plans to expand their brand and sell additional organic food products in 2015.

Kiss Me Organics selected our email marketing copywriters to create 10 emails for an autoresponder nurturing campaign. The goal for the campaign is to educate new purchasers of matcha all about the green tea leaf powder. Our in-depth email copywriting went beyond writing the emails; our copywriting team researched the entire matcha-making process, and communicated it in a fun way to customers.

In addition to this autoresponder email writing, our copywriting team also strategized a way to introduce new products for Kiss Me Organics customers, without being overtly promotional or pushy.

Do you have a list of recent buyers you’d like to nurture for upcoming products and or services? Sūmèr can help. Let us know by contacting us on our contact page.

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