Sūmèr Copywriters Write Long-Form Sales Page for Cycling-Inform

Our professional sales page copywriting team is thrilled to work with Cycling-Inform, a cyclist coaching and training business based in Australia that helps people in-person and virtually. David Heatley, founder and owner of Cycling-Inform, is an Accredited Cycling Australia Cycling Coach under the Australian National Coach Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) who’s coached cyclists to world championship level since 2007.

David Heatley selected us to write a sales page to promote his monthly membership program for cyclists. Through his program, David offers dozens of cycling training videos, guides, and one-on-one communication via a forum. The goal of the sales page is to position the vast amount of help David offers in a way that attracts cyclists who want help.

Sūmèr captured David’s energetic, passionate, and helpful voice on the sales page, while motivating people to join his program. Rest assured, Sūmèr will track the conversion rate of David’s page, and possibly share it via a case study.

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