Sūmèr Copywriters Create Email Campaigns for The Clearance Lab

Sūmèr’s professional copywriters have been selected to strategize and write a three-part email sequence for The Clearance Lab, a research firm that handles clearance procedures for motion picture, television, video game, and print projects.

The three campaigns focus on the Soap Opera technique, where each email builds on the next and engages the audience via story. This method enables our professional copywriters to create maximum engagement and nurture from each individual email in the sequence. An opt-in for a checklist accompanies the first two campaigns, incentivizing past purchasers to act.

The overall goal of the email campaigns is to shorten the sales cycle and encourage previous customers to purchase again. Our team created the sequence so that it engages past purchasers who opt in for the checklist, but also nurtures previous clients who opt not to download the checklist. This strategy allows us to reach the intended past purchaser audience and continue nurturing that relationship.

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