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Web Copywriting: Professionally written, optimized website copywriting engages your prospects and encourages them to purchase. When your message is clear, you’ll attract targeted customers, have higher conversions, and rank high in the search engines. Our website copywriters produce results.

General Copywriting: From brochures to landing pages, white papers to case studies, having a clear, concise message is essential if you want to speak to your target audience and increase conversions. Learn how partnering with our professional copywriters can help you achieve business growth.

Optimized Press ReleasesRegularly publishing a newsworthy press release boosts your online visibility to search engines, potential customers, the media, and bloggers. Optimized press releases also help maximize your site's SEO efforts and drive more traffic to your website. Our optimized press releases can provide exposure for months.


Rank Your Site: Our keyword analysis, meta tag development, and monthly search engine optimization services will help your company rank high on search engine results pages, attract targeted customers, convert more prospects to customers, and enhance your overall online presence.

Love Your Blog: Blogging for business is one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase your market share, connect with prospects and key influencers, and build credibility as an expert in your field. From blog creation and design to set-up and training, we work with you to build a blog that will attract business, and we show you how to market it for maximum online exposure.

Life after Launch: Our comprehensive Life after Launch packages are designed to breathe life into your website and increase online exposure. We tailor our online promotion packages to fit your company’s needs and objectives and then promote your company through various online channels.


Sūmèr can help your company connect with prospective customers, create a compelling marketing message, and promote your website and blog after launch. Call us at 843-377-4916, or contact us online.