Melissa F. Brown, LLC

Case Study: Melissa F. Brown, LLC, represents clients exclusively in family law matters. As an experienced South Carolina divorce and custody attorney and Certified Family Court Mediator, Melissa needed her web copy to speak to potential and current clients and their families.

Sūmèr worked closely with Melissa and her team to refine their website message and advised on the best way to spread their message using a blog, newsletter, and existing social media platforms.

The Client’s View: “Sūmèr helped rework my firm’s website copy and helped launch the site upon its completion. The impact of their work has positively affected my firm’s presence on the Internet, and working with Michelle and Brittany has been a very positive experience.

Unlike so many in the technology industry, they know how to talk to their clients and they understand people, technology, and their clients’ needs. Michelle and her team also care about their clients and it is my firm’s experience that having them on our team has enhanced the future success of our business. I highly recommend others to give them serious consideration so your businesses succeed as well!”

Melissa Brown
Melissa F. Brown, LLC