Weddings Photography by Chris Sherburne

Chris Sherburne Photography "It's so nice to have an expert team in my corner and know that their goal is my success. Because of Sūmèr's help, I now understand my brand message and the components of an effective business blog. I don't have to worry anymore, and I can really focus on my core business."

                                                          -- Chris Sherburne, Wedding Photography by Chris Sherburne

Client Profile:

Wedding Photography by Chris Sherburne, located in Orlando, Florida, specializes in capturing the little moments in time that reflect the essence of each couple's unique personality. Chris' ultimate goal is to create engagement and wedding pictures that exceed clients' expectations. No two weddings are ever captured exactly alike with Wedding Photography by Chris Sherburne.


Chris realized he needed help when he began losing valuable time researching proper blogging techniques that provided him with little clarity and zero results. Specifically, Chris was struggling with proper blog layout, overall appearance, SEO, and content, as well as how to express an accurate brand image and portray that image to the right target audience.
During his blog research, Chris realized that blogging plays a much larger role in business than he had originally thought and decided that he needed to get professional blogging help and stop wasting time.


First, we provided Chris with effective blog writing, SEO, posting, and marketing tutorials, as well as social media marketing tutorials and one-on-one coaching with Sūmèr's blog manager. We then customized a blog editorial calendar for Chris and completely rebuilt his blog design and layout from scratch, creating customized sidebars, interior pages, and color schemes. In addition, we wrote optimized copy for his interior blog pages, revised draft posts, and offered tips for improvement.

Results in the client's words: Chris Sherburne Photography

"Blogging used to be so stressful that I hated it and did just about anything to avoid it. Thanks to Sūmèr's help and training, I understand the entire process, and I actually like blogging now. When I look back at my blog before I met the Sūmèr team, I just have to laugh. I can only say, I know that I was lost. Now, I understand the process, I know my target audience, I know the message to send them, and I know my SEO.

As the saying goes, 'the proof is in the pudding,' and my clients love my new blogging style. With my photography business, I've purchased a few expensive items that didn't live up to the 'hype,' and I regretted wasting my money. However, Sūmèr's Love Your Blog is one of the best investments I've ever made in my business, and I would do it all over again (I just wish that I had done it sooner!)."