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Working with Sūmèr has been an amazing experience—they are like my family.

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During a coaching session with my own coach and mentor, I realized that my messaging on my website was not in line with my ideal client. It was painfully clear that my site was not inviting and did not create the desire for people to stay on my site once they got there.

Before hiring Sūmèr to write my website copy and to write my email marketing campaigns, I knew I needed a nurture campaign and a follow-up campaign for people who opted in for my freebie, but didn’t know where to start. I had written some of my own copy in the past, but was definitely not seeing the results I wanted. I knew I needed to turn to the experts so I could spend more time focusing on what I love to do–working with my clients.

Working with Sūmèr has been an amazing experience—they are like my family. They get me, my business, and they know my ideal client. They took the time to really get to know me, not just in a few minutes, but over several conversations. I am completely blown away when I receive the final draft of any copy they have written for me–it’s like they REALLY know me and get inside my head.

My advice to other small business owners is this: Do what you do best and what you love to do, and allow the Sūmèr copywriting team to work their magic in creating the copy you need for your website, campaigns, sales letters etc. They are the experts, and this will be evident once you see the traffic increase and your results skyrocket.

Susan Brady, founder of Susan Brady International