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For online marketing, there’s really no other place I’d rather go. Thank you, Team Sūmèr!

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Before I was introduced to Michelle Salater, owner of Sumer, I was contemplating what I should do about the marketing campaign for my upcoming Taskology™ Boot Camp. Even though I had done this training for my private corporate clients, it was the first of its kind that I had ever marketed to my entire list. While I had already written the sales page for the Boot Camp and several auto responders for the series, I knew I couldn’t finish in time for my targeted event start date.

So it was with great joy and relief that I spoke with Michelle for the first time – I knew I’d found the answer. Hiring Sumer was an easy decision to make and before I knew it, they had completed the entire series of auto responders I needed to launch my event. Plus, Michelle was kind enough to look at a few other bits of copy for me that were related to my goals.

The team at Sumer was a delight. While it took a little bit for us to get familiar with each other’s businesses and methods, we soon got into a rhythm and a flow that progressed beautifully. The team is talented, easy to work with and good-spirited. The team is professional, detail oriented and careful to follow up on every request I made (and I made quite a few!) ;-)

So when I plan to launch a new event or I decide to do a new online marketing campaign, I’m calling Michelle to ask for their help in handling all the details. For online marketing, there’s really no other place I’d rather go. Thank you, Michelle and Team Sumer!

Leslie Shreve, Owner, Productive Day