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2010 shows promising results for the blogosphere.

According to a Technorati study, 74% of self-employed bloggers say blogging has been a valuable asset to promoting their business services and capabilities. And in a recent eMarketer survey, over 104 million Internet readers in the U.S. will read blogs.

Imagine the possibilities if you could reach just a small fraction of these readers. The good news is that it is possible to create a business blog with a solid base of readers?people who can?t wait to read your posts and people who love to share what you have to say.

But before you can build a lead-generating blog?one that has high readership and influence?you must first understand why you blog, whether or not blogging is right for your business, and how to run your blog effectively.  

Whether you are looking to create a blog, are new to blogging, or already have a business blog, I invite you to join me for a FREE webinar I?m hosting Wednesday, June 23, 2010, at 1 p.m. EST on ?What You Must Understand to Create a Business-Generating Blog.?

On this webinar, you will learn . . .

  • What a blog really is and what it is not.
  • If blogging is an effective tool for your business.
  • How blogging fits into your overall marketing strategy and helps your business image and your online presence.
  • How to avoid boring the daylights out of your readers (and yourself).
  • Why blogging for business is easier than you think.

On this webinar, I will also be announcing details about my new Love Your Blog program and showing you how you can take advantage of this 2-month program for a special price.

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