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About Sumer Copywriting

Sūmèr, LLC, specializes in web copy writing, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch.

But Sūmèr stands for more than just effective marketing web copy. Our mission is to continuously help clients craft a simplified message that clearly conveys their vision and objectives. Our goal is for each client to capitalize on his or her vision and achieve online business growth.

We are a team of creatives with a passion for web copywriting, online marketing, and celebrating each client’s success. We know no borders. Whether in San Diego or South Carolina, Cape Town or Europe, we help clients that share our vision: they are passionate about their brand message, dedicated to great results, and willing to make the investment required to fulfill their goals.

Sūmèr is named after the Sumerian civilization to connote a cutting-edge, innovative, and creative culture. These dimensions are the foundation of Sūmèr’s philosophy. We are reinventing how companies speak and connect with their target audience by providing a clear message through digital means—from optimized web copy to the promotion of websites after launch.

We are located in beautiful, historic Charleston, South Carolina.


No matter what we're working on--whether web copy or a Life after Launch project, we commit ourselves fully and always strive to have fun.

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