Are you struggling to gain readers and influence? Do you waste time researching how to market your blog, but seem to get nowhere with your discoveries?

Learn how to ...

Build a Business Blog Readership Now

Whether you are new to blogging or looking to ramp up your current blog readership and sphere of influence, you’ll want to join Michelle Salater, President of S?mèr, for this one-hour web workshop. You’ll learn how to leverage your industry expertise to take your business to the next level and increase market share.

On this one-hour web workshop, you'll discover ?

  • 5 ways you can increase readership in 48 hours.
  • How to easily gain more subscribers.
  • How to reach out to influential bloggers and increase your influence.
  • Tips on creating content readers want to read and share.
  • Simple methods to optimize blog posts and images.

Who is this web workshop for?

  • Solopreneurs.
  • Business owners.
  • Experts and professionals in any industry.
  • Anyone with expertise to share.

Why purchase this web workshop?

You know you need a blog, but don't have the first clue how to create and maintain a blog people will actually read. I created this webinar to show you how I’ve grown my blog Copy Doodle to be one of Technorati’s 100 Best Small Business Blogs and how I’ve helped my clients increase their readership and subscriber base.

For a small investment of $15, you’ll learn the secrets of easily creating a blog that gets read and shared on social media. Your blog will be the client attraction and retention tool you need to make your business reach new milestones of success. And you can watch the workshop over and over!

You might be wondering if a business blog really can make all the difference in your business. Don?t just take my word for it. Read what Sandy has to say about her company?s blog. Her company has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year, to over 7 figures in sales, and an effective blog has played a major role in this success.

"We have developed a beautiful blog that has a design that is clearly reflective of our brand image, and we are now very clear on our blog purpose and audience. Even better, we have increased our readership, thanks to Sumèr?s blog coaching and blog building efforts. We are no longer struggling with topics to write about, SEO issues, and the promotion of our blog.?

?Sandy Salle, Hills of Africa, Live the Magic of Africa

And read what Chris has to say. His wedding photography business has also grown quickly after discovering how to blog:

?Before Sumèr took me on as a client, blogging used to be so stressful that I hated it and did just about anything to avoid it. When I think back, I can only say, I know that I was lost. Thanks to your help and training, I understand the entire process, and I actually like blogging now. I understand the process, I know my target audience, I know the message to send them, and I know my SEO. Sumèr?s Love Your Blog service is one of the best investments I?ve ever made in my business, and I would do it all over again (I just wish that I had done it sooner!).?

?Chris Sherburne, Weddings by Chris Sherburne, Weddings by Chris Sherburne Blog

You, too, can have results like Sandy and Chris. Sign up for the web workshop while you?re thinking about it.

*Please note upon purchasing, you will also receive a subscription to S?mèr?s Secrets. We will NEVER share, rent, or sell your information. Promise.