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We want to be your resource for online marketing, promotion, and messaging, but you can’t get your questions, concerns, and problems answered if we don’t know what you want to hear.

But more than that, we want you to connect with us so that we can learn from you. The goal for the future is to be a reciprocal resource to our clients. They benefit from our services and knowledge, and we benefit from their knowledge and interaction with us and their same passion for learning.

In order to be your number one resource for online marketing and promotion in our blog and our ezine, we need to hear from you.

  • What do you want to see?
  • What do you want to know?
  • What do you not understand?

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  • Lynn Ely
    Although I have my own business blog and post to it every other day, I am not really confident about the best ways to build relationships with other bloggers, nor the best ways to drive traffic/visitors to my blog. I could definitely benefit from some blog-relationship-building etiquette suggestions, as well as specific how-to guidance on the basics of optimizing your blog. Thanks so much!
  • Thanks to everyone who posted comments. I plan on addressing these questions in my next few newsletters. Erica, I'll go ahead and answer your question here: the proper way to type your website address when leaving comments is Make sure you type it in where you are supposed to and not in the body of the comment.
  • Erika Unbehaun
    Thanks for your help! What is the proper way to type in my company website when commenting on a blog? Do I just put www. or https://www or https:// without the www?
  • Michelle M. Moshinskie
    We have FaceBook and Twitter, but not a lot of content to share ... suggestions?
  • Thanks for the comments Jennifer and Leslie. Appreciate it so much.
  • Jennifer Muckelvaney
    We'd like to get up to speed on our company Facebook page. Any thoughts on how we find our current clients, new ones etc would be great!
  • Leslie Billera
    SEO, SEO and more SEO! People remain confused about SEO and what it takes to 'rank' does ever changing technology impact ratings? How does Social Media impact it? From the simple question of developing key words to the more complex "bots" and "spider" appeal, my clients want crystal clear 'how to' recommendations of best practices when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Many thanks and keep up the excellent work!
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