Welcome to the Team: Noor

Dear Reader, we’re beyond excited to introduce our new canine office manager, Noor.

Noor is sassy, has loads of energy, and has more personality than she knows what to do with.

Quite frankly, she’s a diva.

With joining the Sūmèr team comes her newfound fame. She’ll soon be gracing our website, Facebook, and constant updates in our newsletter.

We’re pretty sure she’s currently trending on social media. Just look at that face!!

We’re obsessed, and we think you will be, too.

Check out her exclusive interview here:

What is your role at Sūmèr?

I’m the new office manager. This means I am responsible for being cute 24/7, napping during the day, and having to pose in ridiculous outfits for photos. Mama Mia really knew how to work the camera—I hope I’m up for the task. The other day, my new mom made me wear an Easter bonnet, which I didn’t like one bit. But I know this comes with the job, so I’m trying my best. Being a celebrity is just a lot to get used to.

Sounds like you have some pretty big shoes to fill.

I do. Although I never knew Mama Mia, I’ve seen her photos and heard stories about her. Mom says that I shouldn’t worry, that she just wants me to be myself. Like I said, celebrity status is going to take some getting used to.

Can you give us a little background of your life before joining the Sūmèr team?

I lived on the streets until animal control picked me up in December, and a nice lady fostered me. I spent the last few months living with lots of dogs and cats. They were okay, but I just prefer when the attention is all on me because, well frankly, I’m a diva. I’ve always hoped for a permanent home, and I’m so happy I found my forever home.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the office?

Play with my rope toy and take power walks with my new mom. And taking up the whole bed.

About Noor ~ The Official Bio:

Noor is a North Carolina native. She holds a degree in Basic Obedience and a minor in Tug of War. As a full-time office manager at Sūmèr, Noor works endlessly to ensure a happy work environment. Between her hectic schedule of long naps and begging, she sets time aside for rigorous photo shoots. She’s a born leader, and she’s thrilled to be a part of such a hard-working team.

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