Top 5 Copywriting Posts on Copy Doodle


While we cover a lot of topics on Copy Doodle, the one thing we come back to time and time again is copywriting.

Instead of having you spend time searching for copywriting tips and advice, we’ve dug up our 5 most informative copywriting posts on Copy Doodle.

Take a look, and click on through if you want to see what we think are some important posts about copywriting on our blog.

1.      Does Your Website Answer These 4 Questions?

Answer the 4 questions listed in this post, and you will write a better sales message for your prospect. These four questions are things he or she thinks about before hitting the buy button. While this post applies to online copywriting, you can use these 4 questions to write a speech, telephone script, or any other method you use to make a sale.

2. Five Copywriting Exercises That Make You a Marketing Ninja

Stuck with writing your headline or website copy? These 5 copywriting exercises will help you jump-start your brain, churn creative ideas, and sharpen your copy saw.

3. Eight Rules for Copywriting

What’s interesting about this post is not only do you get 8 essential rules for copywriting, but you also get an interesting pop culture tidbit about Kurt Vonnegut. To find out what Kurt Vonnegut has to do with copywriting, click here to read this post.

4. How to Write Headlines for Any Market

The headline is the most important part of your copy. Without an attention-grabbing headline, no one will read what you have to say! In order to write a good headline, follow the tips in this post.

5. Business-Transforming Books: Best Business Success Books—Part I

Good information stands the test of time. This is why Think and Grow Rich and How to Win Friends and Influence People remain popular, even in 2014.

In this post from 2011, we shared some responses from our readers when we asked them the question: what ONE book has changed how they do business and why?

What We Learned

This short exercise in analyzing our most popular posts gave us some ideas for creating future content. You may also get ideas when you examine what people look at most on your blog.

Remember: marketing is about satisfying already existing desires in the market. If you go through your blog and listen to and see what people want, you can create more of the content they will enjoy.

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